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The UFC 198 fall out is upon us. With 3 of the last 3 fights coming via first round K.O., we saw the fall of a champ in Werdum, the possible rise of another in Souza, and a definitive statement from the long awaited Cyborg. One fight that was a bit more grueling was the Damian Maia vs. Matt Brown fight. After two rounds of just staying alive, Matt Brown eventually submitted to a rear naked choke with less than 30 seconds less in the third round. His woe’s however didn’t stop there as he was attacked by his former Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Rodrigo Botti after the bout. According to multiple reports, Matt Brown was in his hotel room resting when former coach Botti entered the room and struck the welterweight fighter. Before he could make a clean getaway, one of Brown’s friends chased the former coach down and laid hands on him in the parking lot. He was held there until police came to pick him up. In other news, Cris Cyborg, has called out Ronda Rousey via social media. After an impressive first round TKO of UFC veteran Leslie Smith, Cyborg went to twitter to tell her longtime foe to stop running and take a fight with her at UFC 205.

Though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Cyborg would still have to move down an additional 5 lbs from her already drastic cut to 140lb. With both fighters vowing to keep their weight class, this bout is still a far cry from happening…but it’s getting closer. Last but certainly not least is the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather rumors have been flaring up again. According to the undefeated fighter, there’s a “master plan” in making this fight work, and he won’t come back for anyone but Conor. You heard the man, the asking price is $100 million, plus the backend. With two of the smartest bussinessmen in the game, that number’s not far from fair. If this matchup eventually gets made, the revenue could break the record books. What do you think? Does this fight gross more than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao?

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