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The new dream team.

Leading up to the Olympia and even after it’s conclusion, the bodybuilding world has been pretty focused on Kai Greene. First it was how he had improved over the off season, then it shifted to how his physique was coming together weeks out from the competition, then it went to the question of whether or not The Predator would even compete. We quickly got our answer and it was a resounding no. The show went on of course, but much of the wind was put out of the sails and the event was missing something. Nevertheless, the other bodybuilders of the open weight class took to the stage to prove who was the best in the world.

One bodybuilder that many had hedged their bets on leading up to the event was Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. The Egyptian bodybuilder broke records as he became the heaviest athlete to ever hit the Olympia stage. Besides those accolades however, Big Ramy was unable to truly threaten the competitors at the top of the weight class. He took fifth place, a great placing by all accounts, but fell a bit short on viewer’s expectations.


We’re coming up on three weeks since the Olympia and already we’ve seen some improvement in Big Ramy. He took second at the Prague Pro behind Dexter Jackson and beating out veterans Shawn Rhoden and Dennis Wolf. Whether he had a better weight cut or just was able to train hard enough to improve, Big Ramy definitely showed further development.

So how was he able to make improvements so fast? How could he beat men he’d fallen to just weeks before? Timing surely had something to do with it, but timing alone doesn’t tell the whole story. It looks like Big Ramy has been training hard to improve with an unlikely training partner to boot, The Predator himself Kai Greene. Check out the training video on the next page – in which Kai drops some serious knowledge on Big Ramy. Click NEXT PAGE to watch.

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