Things Get Physical Between Diaz and Johnson in Hotel Lobby Of UFC ON FOX


Sh*t just got real

It seems that wherever a Diaz brother goes trouble arises, and the Hotel Lobby  hosting UFC on Fox 18 in Orlando, Florida is no different.  Diaz is set to fight Michael Johnson in a lightweight bout this saturday and apparently they wanted to give us a few extra rounds. It’s reported that both fighter posses past each other in the lobby in which heated words were exchanged and a eventually a scuffle ensued. In the middle of the scuffle Johnson and Diaz ended up face to face when Diaz shoved Johnson and he had to be held back by UFC staff from retaliating. Though Diaz is happy to be back after a one year hiatus, it seems that Nate Diaz has had a chip on his shoulder from the very start. According to Fox Sports One when Nate Diaz saw that the poster for the bout had not featured his face, he attempted to write the wrong by asking a reporter for a pen and going to town on a self portrait.

“Why didn’t they put my face on the poster?” Diaz quipped during an interview with media assembled in Orlando. “Anybody got a pen? Draw a face on this thing right here.”

While distasteful to some, I think this just makes for a better bout –  and I for one am excited to see it. P.S. Did you see Diaz put on a little bit of muscle to frame? Things should get interesting

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