Two high level competitors battled neck and neck at the Ferrigno Legacy.

This past weekend saw Brandon Curry out duel Cedric McMillan at the 2017 Ferrigno Legacy. For many who expected Cedric McMillan to bounce back from his Olympia showing, the event was somewhat of a disappointment. While McMillan certainly looked improved, Brandon Curry was also on point and looking to be in the best condition in his career.

But rather than focus completely on the aesthetics department, when you stand these two men together it’s hard to really choose a winner as both are truly impressive. Based on his posing alone, Cedric McMillan is truly a man that is hard to defeat yet Brandon Curry was able to edge out his foe. Take a look at the video courtesy of Zem Fitness and decide for yourself who had the better routine.

What’s your opinion on Brandon Curry and Cedric McMillan?

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  1. Depends on how you look at it. If you go how it’s suppose to be judges. Flow,completeness,conditioning,size,muscularity etc. Cedric he is more complete head to to front to back. Brandon has a great upper body but the legs are behind and they are weak from the back.

  2. Cedric rarely comes in in the shape he needs to to win .And now that he has that reputation ,they won’t reward him unless he does .He could be a top three Olympia guy but either can’t or refuses to get into that type of shape .Curry was shreaded .

  3. I know I’ll catch flack for it, but I think if Cedric could learn to transition from pose to pose more fluidly, his presentation would be so much better.
    That said, I’d have to give it to Curry. A lil fuller and better muscle bellies

  4. Ced has ridiculous amount of potential. When he won the Arnold he looked great , amazing posing and of course his personality too. All that aside I think he could easily place top 5 maybe even 3 if at the Olympia if he really showed up like never before. But then again you just never know with these guys what they are gonna bring to the table year after next!


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