This Cyclist Has Legs on the Level of Tom Platz?!

This cyclists legs are on the level of Tom Platz.

When you think of a cyclist, for the most part you think slim and athletic individual with some pretty powerful legs. While their physique may be athletic, you’d never really confuse a cyclist for a bodybuilder, right? Well, it seems that German cyclist Robert Forstemann is flipping the script entirely.

While cycling may be very much an endurance based sport, the reality is that athletes must still utilize strength and conditioning programs in order to truly excel at the sport. That means cross training in a number of different ways. For Robert Forstemann the key to his cycling success is his lifting program.

Playing with 200kg… i wish you a powerful start into the new week ???????

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It’s not entirely uncommon to have a lifting program as apart of your training, but what is uncommon is the absolutely insane leg development that Forstemann has achieved. It’s not hyperbole to say that Robert Forstemann is the Tom Platz of cycling. With tree trunk legs like this, it’s no wonder that the German has excelled in his craft.

Looks like a summer- weekend at Germany ????? What are your plans?

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Forstemann’s lifting has translated over to other facets of his training. Those Tom Platz legs aren’t just for show.

Jump…Jump…weekend ?? ? ? I wish you a great weekend! You‘re planning a workout?

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What do you think of Robert Forstemann’s leg development? Is he the Tom Platz of Cycling?

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Jacob Ladon
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