Generation Iron Ronnie Coleman Throwback

Born a legend.

The journey to becoming the best in the world isn’t a short one. It’s a trek that’s filled with trials and tribulations that will test a person’s character, that will break them over and over in order to mold and shape them into a champion. For anyone entering professional bodybuilding it’s a lesson that’s learned the hard way, through trial and error. You could even venture so far as to say that it’s through a baptism of fire that a true champion is born.

The challenge of becoming the best in the world is that it requires one to have resolve. It’s a pretty daunting thing to work your mind over, to know that climbing that mountain of success means failing over and over, making small progress and taking your body to the limit only to fall short. But it’s a lesson that must be learned. Anyone who strives for greatness understands that it won’t be accomplished overnight. It takes a strong will and mind to carry a person to the pinnacle of an endeavor whether that’s bodybuilding or business or any other number of ventures.

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It’s a lesson that Ronnie Coleman had to learn in order to become the all time great that he is today. Ronnie wasn’t a championship level bodybuilder out of the gate and truthfully it’s what suited his personality best. Coleman knew that he wanted to improve on his physique. He didn’t even venture so far as to think he could challenge for the Olympia title. He just knew that by steadily progressing, by sticking to his guns and trying to improve on what he already accomplished that he’d one day be sitting atop the mountain. Everything Coleman has achieved wasn’t given, it was earned.

In 1997 Ronnie Coleman wouldn’t win the Mr. Olympia competition. But what he did achieve was having that champion’s mentality, the drive, determination, and humility that would carry him to being the eventual eight time winner starting the following year. Take a look at some vintage Ronnie Coleman and get some inspiration.

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