Throwback: Samir Bannout’s 1984 Posing Routine Might Have Been The Best Ever

The Lebanese Lion

Nope there’s no mistake in the title. While we’re well aware that Samir Bannout was the 1983 Mr. Olympia winner, one of the few to only take it once along with Chris Dickerson 1982 and Dexter Jackson (2008), we still think his 1984 routine was the best!

Strength Wars Movie

Maybe it was the perfect symmetry, maybe it was the way his physique moved with the music, may it was the way he made each muscle fiber dazzle, but something about this posing routine is undeniable, dare I say spiritual.

Samir Bannout, known as the “Lebanese Lion”, was a man who believed in speaking softly but carrying a racked barbell. At 5’7 and 196lbs Bannout was the perfect combination of size and fitness. His 1983 win was labeled the end of the aesthetic ear, because even though he was the nicest guy in the room, his physicality was on beast mode. The extreme muscular definition that Bannout achieved in his lower back region helped to shape “Lebanon Cedar” when referring the shape made visible during a back pose on the competition stage.

So stop looking up meme’s on your iphone and pay attention to one of the most aesthetic men in the business displaying his art with true style and grace. No bells, no whistles, just poetry in motion.

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