Tiffany Chapon Beats Squat World Record With 153.5kg Lift During Training Session

Tiffany Chapon completed a squat slightly over the world record in a recent training session.

A new wave of powerlifters is coming and Tiffany Chapon is one of the up-and-coming athletes to watch. The 20-year-old lifter already has a strong resume and continues to impress. In training, the 47kg competitor keeps putting up big numbers and this could lead to something special in competition.

Most recently, Chapon shared a video on Instagram showing a 153.5kg (338.4lb) squat. It is important to note that this is one full kilogram more than the current world record in the 47kg division.

“Squat: 153.5 kg (unofficial wr). I failed this bar 5 minutes before but I’m slowly learning to understand and listen to myself. I’m happy the technical adjustments are paying off.”


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While Chapon’s lift cannot be officially recognized as a world record, it is noteworthy that she was able to top it in training. This is a lift that is more than three times her bodyweight at the time. Chapon admitted that she failed the first attempt but was able to make adjustments to succeed the next time around. This means that she is learning each day and it a scary thought for opponents.

Chen Wei-Ling of Taiwan holds the current world record but Chapon could be coming for it soon. This is not the first time that the French powerlifter has put up big numbers in the gym.


Tiffany Chapon also topped the world record total of 408kg (899.5lb) in a training session. This record is held by Heather Connor. Unofficially, chacon added a 96kg bench and has totaled 411kg in total. She has put in some serious work since beginning her career at age 19.

This is when she made her debut during the 2020 FFForce Silent Worker Meet. Since then, Chapon has appeared in six sanctioned events and has won four of them. She now competes at 47kg but has multiple world records in the 43kg division. These include raw squat (122.5kg), deadlift (146.5kg), and total (339kg).

During the 2021 FFForce Girl Power competition, Chapon put up her best day. She posted a total of 402.5kg, which is currently the this heaviest total on record in IPF competition. Wei-Ling and Connor are the only two competitors to log a heavier total.

Tiffany Chapon has already logged plenty of world record lifts in her young career. As she matures a bit in the sport, there are more to go down. Chapon could have her eye on the squat record next given her recent lifts and is learning the technical side of the sport. This means she is going to improve and gain strength rapidly.

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