Tito Ortiz has always been very outspoken politically. He slams Arnold Schwarzenegger for criticizing Donald Trump in our latest interview.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been outspoken about his distaste for President Donald Trump. Though they are both Republicans, Schwarzenegger has gone to battle with Trump various times on Twitter and in interviews throughout the current presidency. Tito Ortiz is another celebrity figure who is not afraid to speak his mind about politics. The big difference? Ortiz is a big supporter of Trump. So what does he think about one of bodybuilding’s biggest legends butting heads with Donald Trump? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Tito Ortiz discusses an athlete’s place in discussing politics publicly and his thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger as a politician.

While Tito Ortiz’s experience lies as a fighter in MMA, he has a deep respect for bodybuilding. This holds true for one of the biggest legends in the sport, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But it seems while Ortiz is a fan of Schwarzenegger as an actor and an athlete – he is less fond of his political career and views.

It’s no secret that Tito Ortiz is very open about his views on politics. This is somewhat rare for an athlete. Most athletes are told to stay quiet on politics, it’s bad for PR. Ortiz doesn’t seem to care much about that – as he has made his political stance clear on social media and is extremely comfortable discussing about it in interviews. He’s a fan of President Donald Trump – and he’s fine talking about it.

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Tito Ortiz wearing a Donald Trump themed shirt (above).

When we sat down with Tito Ortiz, we wanted to ask him about his experience speaking openly about politics as an athlete. Should more athletes speak out about their personal beliefs? Or is it smarter to focus on just competing? Ortiz proudly states that America is a country of free speech – and that if an athlete wants to share his beliefs openly, he or she should do so easily.

Which brings us back around to Arnold Schwarzenegger. A former bodybuilder, former politician, and current returned actor – Schwarzenegger has no problems speaking openly about his political views. That’s easy for him to do as he’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world. He’s been very clear of his distaste for Donald Trump.

When asked about Schwarzenegger’s criticism of Trump, Tito Ortiz couldn’t help but get critical. “Arnold had his opportunity to be in politics when he was governor of California and that was a big dud,” Ortiz states. “He let down a lot of California people big time. Politics is not his job. He’s an actor and I think he needs to stay as being an actor and no more than that.”

Clearly, Tito Ortiz is able to separate the actor/athlete from the politician. Much like all of his other public statements regarding politics, Ortiz has no problem speaking his mind.

Do you agree with Tito Ortiz’s statements? Let us know after watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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