TJ Marrero Breaks Teen American Record With 283kg Deadlift

The 17-year-old powerlifter bested the previous record by half a kilogram.

Antonio “TJ” Marrero entered the 2021 USA Powerlifting Massachusetts/Rhode Island State Championships looking to make an impact. That is exactly what he did as the 17-year old set a new American deadlift record in the Teen 16-17 (T2) division. Marrero completed a 283kg (623.9lb) deadlift to claim the championship.

Marrero beat the previous record by just half a kilogram. Jacob Waltzer set the previous record during the 2020 USAPL Virginia Winter Wrecker when he deadlifted 282.5kg (622.8lb). This record stood for nine months before Marrero was able to climb on top. Marrero posted the record setting lift on his Instagram account where he makes the lift look rather easy.


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TJ Marrero’s performance at this event was impressive all-around. He entered the competition at a bodyweight of 74kg. He totaled 573kg (1,263lb) with his three lifts. The full breakdown was a 180kg (396.8lb) squat, 110kg (242.5lb) bench press, and of course, the record-setting 283kg (623.9lb) deadlift. All three lifts were competition bests for Marrero, who is beginning to make some noise on stage.

This was just Marrero’s third appearance in a sanctioned event. He began competing in March and won gold in his first competition at the USAPL Pittsburgh Spring Classic. Marrero has been making crazy strides in training in a short amount of time as a powerlifter. His numbers will only continue to rise as he progresses in the sport. Along with powerlifting, Marrero also has a passion for bodybuilding.

For what it’s worth, Marrero’s American record is 12 kilograms more than that of the International Powerlifting Federation Sub-Junior division. This features competitors 18 years old and under, which is where Marrero would be if he had competed internationally. France’s Nahel Baali deadlifted 271kg (597.5lb) at the 2019 European Powerlifting Federation European Classic Championships. 

The speed at which TJ Marrero is adding weight to his lifts is impressive and shows that there is a bright future ahead as a powerlifter. Whenever he competes again, it will be a must-watch to see if he attempts to break his own record and continue to set a mark that is difficult to reach.

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