If you spend a lot of time on the bodybuilding and strength sports side of YouTube, you’re probably no stranger to the insane challenges many of them will take on in the name of fitness.

Although some are more common than others, health and fitness YouTubers are always competing with one another to see who can take on the most challenging new diet or exercise regimen.

Bodybuilding YouTuber Aseel Soueid has recently taken on an interesting one for his channel — eating the same diet as Tom Hardy did while he was playing Bane in the Dark Knight franchise. Watch the video in full above for a breakdown of how intense the diet is and how Soueid takes on the challenge.

For starters, the Tom Hardy “Bane diet” consists of more than six meals per day totaling over 3,000 calories. Soueid struggled initially to get that many calories in during a 24-hour period, but the breakdown is as follows:


  • First Breakfast: 2 large eggs, 4 slices of toast with 4 egg whites, side of fruit mixed with honey
  • Second Breakfast: Streak, broccoli, rice
  • Lunch: Pre-Workout Shake (Protein powder blended with banana and peanut butter)
  • Second Lunch / Post-Workout Lunch: Chicken breast, rice, and broccoli
  • Dinner: Oatmeal with blueberries and protein powder

So, what do you think of the Tom Hardy “Bane diet” challenge? Could you make it through six meals and 3,300 calories in a day? It seems like an absolutely staggering amount of food to be eating regularly, but take one look at Tom Hardy’s physique in that movie, and you can tell the extra protein has taken his muscles to the extreme. Are you up to the challenge?

*All images and media courtesy of YouTube.

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