Tom Platz Talks Steroids

Throwback video of Tom Platz talking candidly about steroids.

It’s no secret. In the sport of bodybuilding the issue of steroid use will always have a place. It has become synonymous with the bodybuilder, an anabolic substance that will push you to the next level. Or at least that has always been the claim. If you ask any bodybuilder out there they’ll tell you a different story. Just because you take steroids doesn’t mean that you’ll operate on the same level as a bodybuilding champion. It’s the publicly unspoken fact that everyone knows to be true.

Bodybuilding great Tom Platz was truly a beast in his heyday. His legs, particularly his legs, are often referenced as being the best in the history of the sport. During his competition days, Platz did an interview with Terry Wogan for the BBC where the bodybuilder gave his thoughts on a number of topics including the usage of steroids. Check it out:

Tom sums up the issue perfectly. If steroids were really such the powerful agent that so many claim it to be, then why aren’t there people with heavily muscled bodies standing on every street corner? Because it takes more than a little help to get the body of a championship level competitor. It takes that drive and fortitude that not every person carries within them in order to make it happen.

It’s important to point out that Platz also briefly admits that he has taken steroids before major competitions. While this is probably a slight understatement – it is one of the few times that a bodybuilder (especially in his heyday) openly admitted to taking the drug. Like we always say, it’s refreshing to hear a bodybuilder talk about steroids candidly – however brief.

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