Bodybuilder Tom Prince Has Died At 52 Years Old

Tom Prince made waves as a coach following his career as a bodybuilder.

Tom Prince was battling health complications for years. The bodybuilder has passed away at age 52 with no known cause of death released at this time. It has been stated that Prince was battling cancer but it is unknown if that was the official cause.

Prince was forced to retire in 2002 from professional bodybuilding due to kidney issues cause by a genetic blood condition. This came after a successful career on stage beginning in 1997.

During the 1997 NPC National Championships, Prince burst onto the scene as an impressive prospect and earned his Pro Card. He had great potential on stage and was able to show it off against some of the top athletes of all-time. Prince made his IFBB debut in 1999 during the Night of Champions. He then stepped to up a notch with an appearance during the 2000 Arnold Classic.

Tom Prince earned his highest finish during the 2001 Night of Champions, where he earned a bronze medal. His last show came during the Southwest Pro Cup in 2002.

Prior to his IFBB career, Prince became known for his battles against some top competitors. During the 1996 NPC National Championships, he placed second with only Jay Cutler ahead of him. Once he earned his Pro Card, Prince did not win a competition but he was always a threat to the title. Following his career on stage, Prince continued his love for fitness as a coach where he would offer wisdom to the next generation.

Tom Prince remained an influential voice in fitness and bodybuilder until his passing. He will be remembered for his conditioning and aesthetic physique that impressed many when he stepped on stage.

Generation Iron would like to send condolences to the family and friends of Tom Prince during this difficult time.

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Greg Patuto
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