Toney Freeman reflects on the most impressive physiques he has ever seen in person.

Not only was Toney Freeman a powerful pro bodybuilder in his prime but he had the pleasure of competing alongside other truly amazing competitors. While all of us see these legends physiques on stage in photos and videos, athletes like Freeman also got to see other big name bodybuilders back stage and weeks before shows. Sometimes their physiques only live in myth, mentions of athletes peaking one or two weeks before competition where they looked even more insane than on stage. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Toney Freeman details the most impressive physiques he ever saw in person that left him speechless.

Toney Freeman previously commented on what it was like to see Victor Martinez backstage at the 2007 Mr. Olympia. It was a shocking and epic moment for him – one that led him to believe that Victor would surely win the show. This didn’t happen in a controversial decision. Our latest interview segment continues from the fallout of that conversation – where Vlad Yudin asks Freeman what were some of the other most impressive physiques he had ever seen.

Toney Freeman has a few choices including Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, and Dexter Jackson. Freeman describes seeing Dorian Yates in 1993. It was a moment that left him speechless. He also goes into depth about seeing Ronnie Coleman a few weeks before the Olympia 2001. That show showcased massive size with incredible shred and solidified Ronnie further as The King of bodybuilding. But according to Toney Freeman, Ronnie Coleman looked even more shocking just a few weeks earlier.

When you hear Toney Freeman describe the moment, where he met up with Ronnie Coleman at his house to see his physique, you can tell he was truly shocked by what he saw. Even reflecting on it today, it seems that Freeman is at a loss for words. He cannot figure out a way to fully convey just how insane it was to see Ronnie Coleman’s inhuman physique in person up close and personal.

Funny enough, Toney Freeman also includes himself on the list. He describes seeing his own physique at three in the morning and being impressed with the results from his own hard work. It’s a fine reminder of how self-critical these athletes need to be on their bodies. When an athlete on the top level finally see themselves in what they consider perfect conditioning – it’s a highlight of their own goals and dedication.

But rather than describing it all further, the biggest thrill is in hearing Toney Freeman describe it all himself. With each name he lists, he brings a passion and excitement to the stories that remind us all why bodybuilding is so amazing. The impossible feats we see in person on these athlete’s bodies is the true thrill of bodybuilding.

You can watch Toney Freeman’s comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.