Tony Huge goes into detail about his underground experiments aiming to build 15 pounds of lean muscle or more in just one week.

Today saw the release of Enhanced 2 The Max, Generation Iron’s new documentary featuring Tony Huge’s attempts to prove himself to the world that his wild claims about steroids are not dangerous. In fact, he thinks they would help humanity.In our latest GI Exclusive interview clip, Tony Huge explains how his tests aimed to prove a person can build 15 pounds of lean muscle in just one week.

While many in the world understand the risks and also rewards of using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs – most understand that even these PEDs have their limits. But Tony Huge believes that we can push those limits to the extreme. Specifically, he believes that a person can build 15 pounds of lean muscle in just one week. We’re not talking about fat or water weight that temporarily increases mass. We’re talking about valuable and lean muscle.

It’s an idea that sounds crazy, which shouldn’t be surprising coming from Tony Huge. He’s a man who also believes PEDs are healthier than many other legal drugs out there. He also thinks these substances can enhance humanity to the next evolution in mankind.

So is any of this possible? Or is Tony Huge a crazy person who is dangerously convincing people with misinformation? With the launch of Enhanced 2 The Max, Tony wanted to further explain his mindset behind his experiments and give even more context to the film. You can check it out above.

If you are interested by the our discussion with Tony Huge, Enhanced 2 The Max is available now on all major digital platforms. You can order your digital copy today by clicking here or the banner below.

Enhanced 2 The Max Generation Iron


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