Tony Huge Provides Update After Battle With COVID Delta

Tony Huge took to Instagram to provide an update on his condition following catching the COVID Delta variant.

Tony Huge is a bodybuilder and spokesperson for enhanced labs. He is a huge name in the sport in many areas and has plenty of work under his belt. On Wednesday, he took to Instagram to reveal his latest battle.

Huge revealed that he has been battling COVID for three weeks. This was not the original variant that sent the world into a pandemic, but the Delta variant that seems to be coming on strong.


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“2 weeks with Covid Delta took 30lbs of my gains and almost took my life. I’m completely recovered from the virus but it’s going to take a loooooong time to recover my energy, strength, and mental performance. This is really embarrassing to me because I should be the last person that should get nailed this bad given my health and my expertise but the first thing it took was my brain power. Confusion and mental fog and low energy hit fast and I wasn’t able to treat myself properly.”

Tony Huge has conducted many experiments on himself with different anabolic steroids. He is a self-proclaimed underground scientist and this is why he has been able to do studies in different ways. Huge has made an impact on bodybuilding in many ways but his progress was slowed down by his battle with this virus.

He starred and was featured predominantly in two Generation Iron films – Enhanced and Enhanced 2 The Max. Both films explore the inner workings of Tony Huge, the lengths he has gone for his underground experiments, and interviews experts on both side of the aisle as to whether his methods hurt or help society.

Tony Huge attempted to prove his methods further in the second film, Enhanced 2 The Max, in which he used volunteers to build over 30 pounds of muscle in one month using PEDs.

There is no doubt that Huge will be back to normal soon enough but it shows that the virus does not discriminate. He mentioned that it will take some time to get back to where he was physically and how the virus even took a toll on his mental state.

“As my brain function comes back slowly now I’ll be able to reflect on all of it and learn and help others better. Note: I was immune to the first strain of covid. this one was definitely a mutation. I won’t be able to respond to all comments/questions but ill use them to make videos so I will end up answering all your posted questions by video over the next few weeks,” Huge continued on Instagram.

It is clear that Tony Huge will not be shy about discussing his recent battle with Covid Delta. He will be able to speak on his experiences and help others, which is something he has been interested in doing for a long time now.

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