Tony Huge details how the coronavirus is affecting his underground experiments in Thailand.

As many of you know from the recent release of Enhanced 2 The Max, Tony Huge is a bodybuilder who conducts underground experiments in order to push the limits of human evolution using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Tony is currently in Thailand where he obtains and continues his underground work on different substances – but with the coronavirus outbreak, things have changed quite significantly. In our latest GI Exclusive video, Tony Huge details how the coronavirus has affected his underground experiments in Thailand and how he believes he can cure himself of the virus.

Tony Huge considers himself a master of chemistry. That’s why he makes bold claims such as his latest attempts at building 15 pounds of lean muscle in just 7 days using various volunteer subjects. His results are often up to question as to whether the mass put on is actually muscle or just water weight. So of course it should come as no surprise that Tony also isn’t too concerned about the coronavirus. In fact, he said he’s interested in taking it “head on” so that he can use his understanding of chemistry to cure himself of the virus.

Tony Huge goes on to explain that before his days testing with steroids and performance enhancing drugs, he spent quite a bit of time experimenting with health and wellness supplements and substances. He claims that his early videos had solutions to curing the flu much faster than is traditionally thought in the United States – but the videos were largely ignored.

Despite his confidence in being able to cure himself of the coronavirus, he does understand that the pandemic is truly something to be taken seriously. He discusses the tactics that have been taken in Thailand and also shares advice on how everyone should be safe and avoid getting infected as much as possible.

Tony Huge might know he can take care of himself with his underground chemistry, but for the “regular” folks out there this is a serious time to be vigilant about washing hand, social distancing, and keeping healthy.

You can watch the full GI Exclusive clip with Tony Huge above!

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