A viral bodybuilding fall off stage leads this week’s top workout fails.

TOP WORKOUT FAILS OF THE WEEK – is a weekly digital series highlighting the best (or worst?) workout fails submitted to Generation Iron and GymFuckery. Combining training injuries, ego lifts, extremely bad form, and even worse decisions. This digital greatest hits of workout fails will make you cringe and laugh to wash away to work week. New episodes every Friday.

This week’s top workouts fails is led by one that most of you have probably already seen – the infamous Mike O’Hearn falling off stage during one of his presentations. It’s already gone viral and was reported earlier this week with a fun and humble response directly from O’Hearn himself. O’Hearn can now join the elite group of celebrities who have fallen off stage made most famous by actor Kelsey Grammer.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the latest episode of the Top Workout Fails Of The Week – as we also have a smattering of god awful strange form, face smacks, and other falls and crashes that will hopefully make you cringe or laugh with delight (depending on your tastes).

As they say when it comes down to workout fails – it only gets more painful from here. Check out the latest workout and gym fails in this week’s Top Workout Fails Of The Week above.

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