Transgender Powerlifter and Bodybuilder Janae Kroc to Once Again Compete

Janae Kroc is returning to bodybuilding.

In the last several years no news shocked the bodybuilding and lifting community like the story of Janae Kroc.

Born Matthew Kroczaleski, the powerlifter and competitive bodybuilder shocked the world with news that he identified as being gender fluid. It was a move that would impact the lifter’s career in the years since.

Now it appears Janae Kroc is looking to once again return to competing after taking time away from bodybuilding. According to a post on Instagram, Janae Kroc is looking to return to competitive bodybuilding in hopes of earning an IFBB Pro card.


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After much thought and discussion I have decided to return to competition. I will be working with Justin Harris @troponin_nutrition and my goal will be to obtain my IFBB pro card. This was the goal I was pursuing when I was outted in 2015 and it subsequently took a back seat to everything else that was going on in my life. I am a competitor by nature and without a specific goal to focus on my training since that time has lacked direction and intensity. Recommitting to this goal excites me and I’m looking forward to grinding away in the gym again like I was always known for. Above all else the main goal will be to bring my all time best to the stage, to be bigger and leaner than I have ever been. Since I’m certain many of you you are wondering and will be asking I’ll just address it now. I will be competing in the men’s division (notice I did not say “as a male”) and no this does not change the fact that I’m trans/genderfluid/nonbinary. This also says nothing about my beliefs concerning trans athletes and fair competition only what I feel is right for me. So along with everything else that I feel is important to talk about you can expect to see more posts regarding training, nutrition, and the like. #transgender #genderfluid #nonbinary #gendernonconforming #genderqueer

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What do you make of this turn of events for Janae Kroc?

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Jacob Ladon
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