Trey Mitchell Wins 2021 Shaw Classic

Trey Mitchell won the second-annual event. Here are the full results.

The 2021 Shaw Classic took place from Aug. 27-28 in Estes Park, CO. Some of the best powerlifters in the world gathered to see if they can dethrone the event’s promoter Brian Shaw, who took home the title in the inaugural event last year. This time around, it was Trey Mitchell who was able to come out on top.

Shaw ended up finishing second with J.F. Caron placing third. The full results were announced on Friday through a video on Shaw’s YouTube page. Even though he finished second, Shaw did not accept any money and he distributed it among the other 15 competitors.

The Shaw Classic was missing some elite names but it was still a noteworthy event. Luke Richardson had to withdraw due to a bicep injury. Tom Stoltman and Luke Stoltman also pulled their names out weeks before the event. Finally, Robert Oberst and Oleksii Novikov were the latest to withdraw from the event.

The contest was completed on Aug. 28 and the competitors split a prize pool of $100,000. Below, you can find the final overall standings along with the money won by each athlete.

2021 Shaw Classic Results

  1. Trey Mitchell — $21,000
  2. Brian Shaw — $15,000*
  3. J.F. Caron — $12,000
  4. Kevin Faires — $9,000
  5. Evan Singleton — $8,000
  6. Aivars Smaukstelis — $7,000
  7. Bobby Thompson — $6,500
  8. Adam Bishop — $6,000
  9. Maxime Boudreault — $5,500
  10. Konstantine Janashia — $5,000
  11. Graham Hicks — $4,500
  12. Žydrūnas Savickas — $4,000
  13. Gabriel Rheaume — $3,500
  14. Gabriel Peña — $3,000
  15. Jerry Pritchett — $2,500
  16. Mikhail Shivlyakov — $2,500


The events were spread out evenly over two days. It began on day one with a max log press, super yoke, bag toss, and car squat with Ford Bronco. Day two continued with the Hummer tire deadlift, medley, circus dumbbell for reps, and Atlas stone.

In the end, it was Mitchell who was able to come out on top at the end. He excelled in the max log press when he completed a 206.3kg (455lb) lift. Mitchell also came in second with six reps in the circus dumbbell for reps.

The Shaw Classic has turned into an elite event with some of the best powerlifters in the world getting together to show who is the best. This time around, it was Mitchell who proved to rise to the occasion.

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