Fans ‘booed the f**k out of’ Trump at UFC 244

Trump attended the UFC 244 this weekend and Joe Rogan had a lot to share about the experience.

There were mixed reports about what happened last weekend when President Donald Trump attended the UFC 244 card fight in New York. Protests erupted outside Madison Square Garden when he arrived, but reports differ about what happened next. Some camps claims he was met with wild applause from the audience, while others said he was basically booed out of the stadium. Commentator Joe Rogan offered his insight into the experience, claiming that reports that the president was booed were 100% accurate:

His decision to attend the event was likely due to his close personal relationship with UFC president Dana White. White and the US president have had an intense friendship for many years, with White even recently claiming Trump “called [him] on the night he was elected” to share the news. White recently spoke to New England Sports Network about his experience of what happened that night at UFC 244:

White sees himself as owing a personal debt to Trump, who stepped in during the early days of the UFC when they were having trouble booking venues. Trump offered them the Taj Mahal. Ultimately, the Taj Mahal was the location of the first two UFC fights ever promoted under the Zuffa brand.

“Everything that ever happened to me in my career, Trump was the first guy to pick up the phone and reach out to me,” White says in the above interview. So, despite the sirens and increased traffic to the city, White thought it was important to be loyal to a longtime fan.

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