Tyrese Gibson Calls Out The Rock For Alleged Steroid Use, Threatens To Leave Fast And The Furious 9

Tyrese Gibson is still bashing The Rock.

So it seems that the beef between Tyrese Gibson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is still going strong as the actor and singer has once again gone to social media to voice his dislike for his Fast and The Furious co-star.

The Instagram post below comes from Tyrese Gibson’s official page where he mentions both The Rock and fellow co-star Vin Diesel in the scathing message. While he heaps praise on Vind Diesel remains positive, Gibson goes on to suggest The Rock is using steroids to get all of his gains.

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Gibson also went on to say that if The Rock is in the ninth Fast and The Furious film that he will quit the franchise.

What do you make of this continued beef between Tyrese Gibson and The Rock?

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  1. TYRESE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T SMELL WHAT THE ROCK’S GOT COOKING. Tyreses problem really is he that he is way over stating his importance and he has no class talking crap on social media. You got something to say. Say it to his face when you where filming the movie. Seriously what a cowardly move and in all actuality this beef is way more exciting than the actual movies.

  2. Wow a post I can comment on from GI – somewhat bodybuilding related (in our universe) Tyrese is a fuckin baby and blames the Rock for his daughter’s survival!!!! Like its the Rocks responsibility to feed this guys family wtf!? Why don’t you hustle and work and make some money Tyrese, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and bank on this franchise. So the Rock creates opportunities for himself and you’re gonna hate on that? While you were posting about the Rock the Rock was making a movie most likely – why don’t you try making shit happen for yourself. #whatajoke #leech

  3. It’s a movie, we really don’t care if tyrese leaves the franchise. Because we got the rock and he got more gains then Mr Gibson. We all know Mr. Gibson got his feelings hurt so he’s just hating.

  4. Tyresha is such a big whinny pussy. Totally lost whatever’s left of his self respect for all his constant bitchin’. Kick his lame ass off the franchise as he really is as good as a prop – and bring in a REAL actor like Idris Elba !

  5. It’s a movie. Who gives a shit if Johnson juices. I’m sure no one cared when Schwarzenegger juiced during Terminator or Stallone during rocky and Rambo. If it helps Dwayne get roles good for him. Tyrese is like a bitter ex wife bitching because the husband is doing better lol

  6. Lmao why In the hell does that change anything about the movie the rock should leave because Tyrese smokes then makes no sense to walk away from a movie because of an actors personal life

  7. Oh he’s a juicer and uses HGH, and anyone who’s has any experience cycling knows wtf I’m talking about, but who gives a fuck. Most have zero knowledge on the gear except for the “internet”.

  8. Who the fuck goes to see fast and furious for “tyrese gibbons character?” Yup not many lol fuck out of here they can kill his character off and no one would care AT ALL.

  9. Would love for both The Rock and Tyrese to patch things up and start acting like adults already. I understand both sides, The Rock should not pass up a good opportunity as a Spin Off movie of Hobbs, passing it up would be bad for business, bad for his production company, which I’m sure will be involved with the movie, he is trying to grow his company. With that being said, I also understand Tyrese’s side of things, although I’m not so sure that he ever received a Spin Off offer for his character, I’m just basing it on the character he plays in Fast and Furious, I’m not basing it on him as an actor. I believe Hobbs has a more interesting and intriguing back story than Roman Pierce. At the end of the day, they both need to be Adults about it and each of them should be able to make money off the Fast Franchise. There is plenty to go around. And if Tyrese is truly serious about him not being part of F9, then that would be his loss, and he will have to live with that decision. I’m sure if Paul Walker was still alive, this wouldn’t be happening, things would be riding in a smooth manner.

  10. What a twat, Tyrese who? Maybe he needs to get with the program. Does he dislike Arnie, Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Chris Hemsworth and 200 other actors?? Maybe The Rock doesnt like Tyrese’s coke usage? Who cares #crackhead

  11. He ain’t going no where he needs the fast furious checks. Plus rock already dipped cause of him and diesel beef. He was the biggest star in the franchise. Starting to look like they won’t make it to fast 10 lol

  12. Jealous much. Holy hell. Tyrese clearly is an acting failure while The Rock continues to set records and lead the way in Hollywood. Gives back, remembers his roots and is full of respect unless he’s being disrepected.

  13. He’s just salty he is not getting a pay check. My daughters survival bitch please they got enough money unless you using Gucci to wipe ya asses and you eating caviar as a snack. Bitch be humble.

  14. The rock is not on anything. He was helped by the best….and got that lean and chizzled holllywood physique that woman go crazy for. He swiped up and found out his body type and got the most gains.

  15. Generation Iron I’m starting to be disappointed by the content your putting out. No one in your staff of minions can creat better click bait??
    I think you had better luck when you where hacked by porn freak.

  16. I mean who isn’t on juice? Look at Heimsworth from heart of the sea to Thor…. or Banner to Hulks lmao…. smh Deca and test give it a try tyrese your Testosterone levels might be low acting like a female and shit!

  17. Fuck off Tyrese you irrelevant cocksucker nobody cares the reason you salty is because Rock got offered his own thing. And they don’t want you involved why? Because nobody gives a shit about your character LOL Deal with it cunt

  18. Ah. A Jesus little bitch that hasn’t done shit but these movies for the last who knows how many years. Shut the fuck up son. And you play the bitch in all the fast movies anyway

  19. Man another post on black people hating on black people. None of you know anything about anything but your still hatin. Dam black people can even get a break from black people. Yeah were all liers when it comes to people that dont look like us. Smh

  20. Wasn’t he all about family? So now he is leaving his family for selfish reasons? He attacked the Rock for being “selfish” but baby boy is basically doing the same thing. Please kill him off in the next movie.

  21. I don’t think Tyrese saw Fast and the Furious 1. “It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning” – “Method is meaningless, result is what count for history is written by the victor.” Juice or no juice, The Rock conquers, that’s what matters.

  22. Who cares if he uses or not. It’s kinda assumed he uses from his physique anyways. The rock isn’t the rock without his physique. Doesn’t mean he didn’t work his butt off to get his physique either. Think he is just hating on the the rock to hate or get more publicity for himself or the franchise as a whole.

  23. Tyrese’s character is really not relevant in this franchise I mean what does his character actually bring?
    He’s just an annoying guy in the franchise everybody else’s character does something from driving to cracking safes to computer hacking, driving skills etc.


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