UFC 257 Final Results

The results from UFC 257 are in and (spoiler alert) it didn’t go so well for Conor McGregor.

If you weren’t able to catch UFC 257 earlier tonight, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the final outcomes:

  • Lightweight/ Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor in a second-round TKO. Dustin was not the favorite to win after his previous loss to McGregor and absolutely stunned fans in the second round when a flurry of light punches to the face overwhelmed McGregor and dropped him with a shovel right hand punch. It was the first KO of McGregor’s 13 years in the sport and marks a truly impressive win for Dustin Poirier.
  • Middleweight/ Makhmud Muradov defeated Andrew Sanchez in a third-round TKO. Muradov, who was out of the sport for the past four years due to injuries, was initially unsteady in the ring but found his footing fast. After taking more than few punches from Sanchez in the first round, he came back with surprising intensity in the second round and was able to land a lot of hard punches to Sanchez’s face. The final blows came in the third round, with Muradov kneeing Sanchez into a KO victory and claiming the 17th knockout of his career.
  • Strawweight/ Marina Rodriguez defeated Amanda Ribas in a second-round TKO. The match was marred at the end by an error on the part of the referee, who stepped in and brushed against Rodriguez as she was in the process of beating on Ribas, causing her to stop and think the match had been called. Despite the mix-up, Rodriguez pretty much got back to it right when the match resumed and knocked Ribas out in the second round.
  • Women’s Flyweight/ Joanne Calderwood defeated Jessica Eye by unanimous decision. This was probably the most brutal and drawn-out fight on the ticket tonight, with Calderwood and Eye fighting tooth-and-nail to a vicious stalemate towards the end of the round. Refs unanimously gave the round to Calderwood.
  • Lightweight/ Arman Tsarukyan defeated Matt Frevola by unanimous decision. This one was a pretty easy one to track. Tsarukyan was ahead of Frevola straight out of the gate and pummeled him into submission fairly quickly. It wasn’t hard for the refs to unanimously award the round to him.
  • Middleweight/ Brad Tavares defeated Antonio Carlos by unanimous decision. Another tour de force showing from Tavares got Antonio into a corner early on. Carlos was unable to get Tavares on the ground at any point and refs gave it to Tavares easily.
  • Women’s Bantamweight/ Julianna Pena defeated Sara McMann by third-round submission. This was a welcome upset victory for Pena, since McMann was favored to win the round. Pena captured McMann in a rear-naked choke in the third round and the rest is history.
  • Light Heavyweight/ Marcin Prachnio defeated Khalil Rountree Jr. by unanimous decision. This match was more ambiguous than some of the others at UFC 257. Prachnio and Rountree were fairly evenly matched, but in the end, refs gave it to Prachnio for his dominant approach and aggressive punches.