Ulisses Looks Like He Could Contend In Classic Physique

A ton of potential.

The IFBB holds some of the greatest talent in the world under it’s banner. If you’re a bodybuilder looking to move the needle then there’s no doubt that the IFBB is where you want to be in order to prove to the world that you’re the best in your particular category. If you’re looking to become a mass monster like no other then the open weight division should undoubtedly be your home. If you’re looking to do some lightweight bodybuilding then the 212 division should be the category for you. For talent Calum von Moger the classic physique has become his goal and he’s taking the steps to enter the IFBB to show everyone he deserves to be the best. But there’s another talented bodybuilder out there that could be great in the classic physique division.

Ulisses Jr.

One of the premiere bodybuilders outside of the IFBB, Ulisses has garnered a large following of fans and supporters. He has an impressive physique, one that many humans could have no hope of duplicating. As such, Ulisses has the potential to hit the IFBB stage and quite possibly outshine the competition. Despite that fact, it seems that he’s content with carving out his own legacy outside of the top pro bodybuilding organization. Nevertheless, Ulisses certainly has the ability to become a top pro and this recent post on Instagram shows his raw potential.

Do you think Ulisses would do well in the IFBB classic physique division?

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