UPDATE: Crushed White Powder On Rich Piana’s Table When Paramedics Arrived

Paramedics found crushed white powder, credit card, and straw in Rich Piana’s home.

TMZ Sports has reported that the police report has come in after Rich Piana’s medical emergency. It appears that paramedics found crushed white powder on his table along with a credit card and a straw upon entering his home. This led the paramedics to give Rich 2 doses of Narcan (used to treat opiate overdoses) to try and revive him.

Unfortunately, Rich never regained consciousness and was then transported to a nearby hospital where he was later put into a medically induced coma.

Rich Piana’s girlfriend, Chanel, told responders Rich had battled opiate addiction in the past but she believed he was clean.

Rich is currently in stable condition but still under a medically induced coma. Family and reports claim he is improving with every day. Generation Iron wishes him and his family the best and will continue to update as the story develops.



    • Everyone is saying the powder was H because his girl said he battled opiate addiction. If it were…the narcan would have pulled him right out of it so clearly it wasn’t that. So either the white powder was blow, or he went unconscious for one of 2 dozen other reasons his body would be in danger. I will say this though: running big cycles is hard on your liver, but drinking and doing blow while on a cycle is reaaally hard on your liver and kidneys with added dehydration. He did a video called “wake up call” about having kidney stones. If this incident isn’t a real wake up call…he’s going to die.

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  1. Crushed white powder and a straw ok that would be like 90% of body builders will all the pre work outs bcaas glutamine ext I had when they post this shit for hype takes seconds to test the shit so fucking test it and then say if it’s drugs or not

  2. It has already been told that it isn’t drugs, suicide or anything like that. There is an interview on Muscular Development with Ron Harris and Gregg Valentino about this.

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  4. Either way addiction recovering or using is a terrible thing, all this crap about all videos, steroid use etc could of pushed him to his limits . if it was ur loved one you would send prayers not jokes why wouldn’t u for him?

  5. You guys understand it’s a HIPAA violation to release medical records. Unless it comes from Piana’s family itself, it isn’t going to be 100% factual.

    The police can’t even release that kind of information without the go ahead from Piana or the person handling his affairs.

    If it was heroin or any other opioids, the narcan would’ve had an effect, even a small one.

    Don’t be ignorant just cause you like the dude and bodybuilding. “Oh what if it’s creatine powder or protein powder”

    Good hell. Because he totally goes altered and unconscious after whipping up a good protein shake. Smh.

  6. You know people are always cruel and judgmental as if they are earthly angels, whatever Rich was using for his entire good living life is about him and our living God and he is going to bless him with a second chance again .

  7. He slipped and fell and hit his head. Get your facts straight. Never in the history of overdoses has anyone ever been put in a medically induced coma. There was nothing found in his system either. TMZ knows nothing except how to keep their ratings up.

  8. It’s sorry people trying to defend him still. He lives reckless, ego driven with a false image to uphold for his minions. Pretty bad when u have to keep taking excessive amounts of steroids just to keep your image up, besides obviously having drug issues. The real R/P finally coming to light. Dude is mental and lucky to be in the position he is regarding fame N fortune. And obviously a hypocrite

  9. Moral of the story, don’t do coke at 45 like you were 25 while taking enough gear and other stuff to put your bp at 10.000/1000. That’s it people. Dude got careless on a night off. Not really out of character for him I’d say. Really don’t see how it would alter ones view of the man. Surely if you liked him you realized he wasn’t a saint. And if you didn’t , what’s one more reason to hate?

  10. I can’t be too specific due to privacy but my friend who is in ICU said to me he was actually strangled while cocaine was on the premises and found hypoxic. When the paramedics got on the scene they tubed and bagged him until they got to the ER department where they put him on a ventilator. So this story is only partially true. The toxicology results confirmed that Rich was not taking drugs at the time. The family said to the staff that the perpetrator is known by police and this is a criminal investigation.

  11. It’s amazing how smart everyone is here. Lol. Most of these comments are nonsense, it’s like you’d rather feel and sound right instead of research and actually know what’s fact. Best of luck in life with that mentality

  12. By the looks of it, his demon got a hold of him and nearly killed him. I think he was gong through a rough patch causing him to do what he did. I guess the next step in all this is for him to confess he fucked up and apologize to his fans and be a new version of himself and go into rehab. I wish him well in that regard.

  13. I’ve never been a fan of Piana. But it’s well within reason to imagine the dude carries some emotional baggage. His need for recognition and “greatness” is strongly evident. As is his tendency toward extremism.
    I’ve witnessed many good hearted and deeply caring people get sucked into various, hideous addictions.
    Whatever the cause of this incident and his subsequent hospitalization, I hope he is able to recover from it. If it is a matter of drug abuse, like him or not, I hope we can all support him and those close to him in his efforts prevent this from happening again.

    • Id like to know how Chanel states he’s battled opiate addiction for years saying she thought he was clean, but then there’s white powder supposedly found on table so obviously he was doing it in front of her. Trying to save face I suppose. Don’t feel sorry for him, he did it to himself. He knew what he was doing. We will just have to wait for his next video, gives him some new material for a change…

  14. I’m a recovering drug addict and when I was doing my career when I was younger I did Coke once a week usually on Saturday night but I hated it and did not find out until the year 2000 that I had mental illness and the Coke would stop my racing thought and the meds I’m on are like speed and slows me down but I had no impulse control while on steroids and as soon as I went off drugs I would not want to do any Coke but people need to stop talking shit about Rich and cmon think about his family right now .

    • lol well I’m not Arnold I’m 55 and doing ok but just had my gallbladder taken out and then get a neck surgery and get back to training I have not trained in 15 months because of a major surgery on my arm last year and get released by doctor Monday to train before the neck surgery

    • Well Mike man good to see you still around. I wish you would go on some of these shows like RX muscle. Maybe I’ll start a show and have you on as a first guest. I’ll call it real bodybuilding stories with H Dizzle

    • Awesome Mike!! Just remember people like to hear the nitty gritty hard times and all the shit bodybuilders go through even in their personal lives. If you can get real honest you could become a mini celebrity in the current day and age. If you don’t mind post in this thread with a link after your interview

    • No actually I haven’t heard any recent ones but I’m about to look up some older ones. For some reason I always confuse you for the guy who killed his girlfriend and is now in jail. The rock and Marky mark made a movie about him.

    • Thank you Jerry and Arnold I’ve never killed anyone but lol I wanted to but everyone feels like that one time or another but if anyone hurts my family I will try to kill them with my bare hands .

    • I went through a similar think Mike. I was always hesitant to let myself “partake” to often because from the first time I tried it, I knew it was the drug for me. I’d seen too many people get hopelessly hooked. Frankly it scared me half to death. When I was 30, I was diagnosed with ADHD. And prescribed a meth based medicine. It did the same as you described. I tell people “it settles the dust”. People are to quick to assume that addicts (if Rich is one and that was the cause of this incident) are weak minded and lack discipline….period. They never consider the persons life or emotional/mental/genetic make up. I hope he recovers from whatever put him in the hospital.
      On a positive note. Good to see that you are still involved in the bodybuilding community! I always respected your frank and honest approach to bodybuilding and it’s fans! One of my favorites from when I started as a teen!

    • Thank you Chris but mental illness is a genetic family thing there have been 8 successful suicides on my mom side of the family including my little sister in 1989 and self medicating is very common they don’t understand you just want to stop the racing thoughts and the noise but my meds work great I’ve have not done Coke since 1997 and can’t believe it’s been 20 yrs .

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    • No I’m healing from gallbladder surgery it was pretty bad and the anesthesia was brutal and will take 30 days just to recover from this then a short break and then neck surgery

  15. I love how everyone blamed steroids off the hop. Everyone. Which is stupid. Coke was the first thing I thought of. Is it that unrealistic to think rich does Coke? It’s a lot more realistic that someone would OD on coke than steroids . Smh

  16. Sad to hear. We’ve seen this before with Paul Demayo. The pain that these older lifters must have could lead anybody down that road. I mean, joints, muscles, discs… god, what doesn’t hurt should be the question.

  17. If anyone has ever watched the guy on video, rambling shit, and sat there and thought, now this guy is 100% together, down to the nuts and bolts, green grass, straight edge, clean cut, you have to be off your fucking rocker, the blokes coked to the eye balls 24/7!

  18. Dude liked drugs. So what ? There’s no mystery anymore. You do drugs and take the risks. He loved living his life how he wanted to. If he lives or dies , either way it’s on him. I say mind your own business.

  19. This is a lie it’s was already addressed on youtube yeah it had nothing to do with drugs on why he was in the hospital give her something normal that everybody does but they could not say them what actually happened something about rich wanted a video on what actually happened he is alive not dead and he’s he’s going to release a video on what happened when he is out of the hospital it was something that happeneds to everyone on a daily basis

  20. til it’s fact as to what the substance is it’s pointless assuming this or that …He could have been baking a fucking cake ….well wishes to the big man …hope he makes a speedy recovery

  21. I saw a channel today Bio- something and he said exactly the opposite, police found no drugs and he had a head injury consistent with hitting his head. So we’ll have to see and just hope he recovers.

  22. Why would the police disclose such details about the case, it’s no one’s business if he’s an addict or not, these are private and personal issues, at the end of the article they write we wish him the best!! Well you should first respect his privacy not profit from it to make a headline, a lot of people now will start making judgement like they’re any better, at least have the decency to respect his situation, no one is perfect.

  23. I like GI ,
    If you post anything about someone like that big monky…. I can’t respect you any more.

    You need to know that this man rich piana is bad very very bad for all kids or any one that start or into bb or just workout ….

    Wtf you post any of him…
    And why he is in gi2….

  24. I never believe rumors, so I’ll wait ’til there is official and final word on what happened. As a bodybuilder, I have all kinds of white powder supplements around, and none of it is any kind of drug.

  25. That’s the worst part. These idiots that don’t know anything about steroids accuse these big bodybuilders on on steroids, that that’s the reason they have health issues. Labeling “steroids are bad.” Usually people that are into drugs as such have other drug addictions as well. Personally I know of a couple people that do things like cocaine as well. They’ll then go and die of a “heart attack” & its OH THE STEROIDS! Educate yourself, retards. & to the bodybuilders doing this… you don’t deserve death but you should open your fucking eyes to the reality of it!

  26. Despite people hating and this man’s use of steroids atleast he is honest about it and even vouched for those who are genetically gifted I can’t believe the jokes and hate towards him regardless of what happened he is human and everyone can take notes on how to be successful.

  27. The problem with this story if you know anything about emergency medicine is that narcan is not given for cocaine overdose. Cocaine is not an opiate. And as a paramedic, my first inclination when I saw crushed white powder and a straw would not be “reach for the narcan.” It is quite possible he was snorting some type of opiate based drug (OxyContin, fentanyl, etc.) and based on vital signs and respiratory depression narcan would be the right move.

    Moral of the story is, no one knows the details, and articles like this are irresponsible in their reporting. Apparently the writer has next to zero medical knowledge and throwing out speculative details without getting the facts straight is wreckless. It’s obvious he overdosed on something. Why don’t we just let the facts come out or maybe focus on the more important points, like giving the man some privacy and hoping he recovers and seeks treatment. Probably more important right ?