Sources confirm that Rich Piana is stable and improving.

Rich Piana and 5% Percent Nutrition director of marketing Jon Gatewood has confirmed with Generation Iron that Rich Piana is in stable condition and improving. It is still unknown what the direct cause of his hospitalization beyond rumors of overdose.

TMZ Sports reports that Piana was placed in a medically induced coma earlier this week after suffering an undisclosed “medical emergency.” Emergency medical technicians were called in response to a potential drug overdose. Piana was found unresponsive and transported to a local hospital.

Chanel Jansen, Rich Piana’s girlfriend, gave further updates into his condition.

” I just want to be clear [Piana] is STILL ALIVE. All myself and his family are asking for is POSITIVE thoughts, prayers, and love.”

We will continue to update the story as more information becomes available such as the confirmed reason for his hospitalization. Stay tuned to Generation Iron Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Anyone that follows Rich Piana knows he is on the party (extacy, coke etc) side … anyone with half a brain would know that there is no way of having an overdose with steroids. Now if he was taking insulin then that’s a whole different story. Hope he has a quick recovery and lays off all that other crap if he is gonna continue using gear.

    • Probably the most common way a guy after he hit a certain age goes health wise if he chooses to party like this. It’s always the combo of using gear, drinking alcohol, and cocain. Your heart can only take so much of those conflicted chemical signals coming at it like that before it just goes. I call it the bodybuilding’s deadly triad.

    • Exactly Ruben Caballero … i have loads of respect for this man. One of the few that’s actually open and honest about using gear. Plus bringing himself up from nothing to a successful business man is always another thing to admire. Let’s hope he is back and in good health asap.

  2. He was actually strangled be somebody and was found hypoxic, they had to put him in a ventilator. This is what a few of the nurses and doctors have leaked from the hospital. The perpetrator is not known, but could be a business deal gone sour or a anything else you could image.

  3. Fuck al the haters rich may have done or said some questionable things but I don’t think he deserves to die for that not like evryone has has a perfect past this is a human at the end of the day who have loved ones who care about him I hope he’s pulls through and bounces back

  4. Wish him a full recovery. Despite what people say about him. He’s a figure in the bodybuilding world whether it’s in a good way or bad and I hope he changes parts of his life to becoming healthier.

    • Probably the most successful synthol user of all time. Even if he was mega dosing gear, GH, slin, peptides, etc… human biceps do not grow like that.
      I saw a video of this guy slapping the shit out of a mentally disabled bodybuilder at an expo.
      Dick Piana is a fckn DRIP!

  5. For all you piece of shit lazy people talking shit on Rich he did something half or most of you will never do and that is live his dreams by any means. Who gives a fuck what he put in his body it’s his body,for you disrespecting piece of shit people to be on here talking shit we don’t wanna hear it seriously

    • According to his logic, 95% of people will not be like him. The man is pretty incredible. Don’t worry about the people commenting. Just remember, 95% of them think you can overdose on steroids…

  6. Rich piana is my is a king he does the things what he loves the most.and plz don’t stuck your nose in rich life’s that he his taking didn’t hide anything he says multiple times that he is taking steroids like a piana inspire lots of people to get in shape.lots of love to rich piana#icon#full recovery#beast

  7. I read the comments and I see so much negativity. I got into weight lifting as something positive but learned quickly it’s quite the opposite. Everyone is so quick to bash each other.

  8. In what business is he? Mining or construction? Coz he sure as hell ain’t in the health and fitness business.. And he is not in the body-BUILDING business cause this ultimate result at such a young age tells me he’s in the body-BREAKDOWN business. Dudes not even 60 & is in a coma… U REAP WHAT YOU ??? …..

  9. I think all this revealed was rich has a problem on the side that he needs to get help with.. you would need astronomical amounts of any steroid to get this type of problem.. willing to bet this is not a steroid problem there’s something else

  10. Boy this facebook is the fuckin devil your parents did a fucked up job raising you to say some dumbass shit wishing death on someone your probably jealous of or follow even though you all are a sack of shit i would never wish death to someone you really should thank about there cause your spiritually fucked up grow the hell up and have some respect to him and his family instead of being a piece of shit


  12. That’s good. Get well soon bro.. regardless of what this man takes into his body he still a human being and should be regarded as such. So with that being said Rich Piana I hope you get better soon..

  13. Listen not alot of ppl like rich because of the steroids but at least he’s truthful about and doesn’t hide it like Kali Muscle or other people and tries to educate about it and explain the risks rich has explained multiple times he knows the risks he knows his health issues and he knows eventually steroids will kill him but that is his lifestyle if you actually pay attention to his videos he tells people not to do steroids not to do it that it’s harmful to your body but riches videos is for both people that take steroids and that don’t take steroids the whole reason for his videos is to educate people so they do it healthier so they don’t have all these health problems so what if he does steroids who gives a f*** this is his body not yours that’s what he chooses just like everybody chooses to put alcohol in their body knowing that is Damages your liver but you still drink alcohol but I don’t see yourself calling yourself an alcoholic do I no why even fall on if you’re going to bash everything he f****** does this man has been in the bodybuilding industry for damn near over 20 years that’s why people fall in bodybuilders and fitness people follow him because they want to be bodybuilders if you have no interest in being a bodybuilder then don’t f****** phone or if you’re going to bash him don’t follow him if you don’t like him don’t follow but I guarantee you 100% of you motherfukers talking s*** on him are all the same people that go up to his Booth shake hands take pictures with him at expose. Worry about what you put in your body not what another man puts in his

    • I apologize for an advance if some words are messed up because I have to use Google Talk cuz my keyboard no longer works and sometimes the words don’t come up correctly

  14. I respect him more then most of all the “natty” bodybuilders. Atleast he is honest. Plus this is his life one cycle wont blow u up. The ridiculous training and eating u need to do when on a cycle is mind blowing.

  15. Why can’t people keep their negative fucken comments to themselves it’s not his fault he worked hard his whole life and is a self made millionaire and your not if you watch Rich Piana’s videos of his workouts and everyday life and actually pay attention you will fucken learn something and you will also learn that he is an amazing person so why don’t people think before they speak. Hope you recover fast brother from all of us 5%ers and we are a big family you are in all our thoughts hope to hear from you soon brother

  16. Normally when they induce a coma, it can be a head injury.. slip and fall.. who knows.. they just don’t want the person to move.
    But trying to trash the man while suffering some sort of injury is simply low. How bad does your life have to be to act in such a manor. Did Rich pee in your wheaties or something?

  17. Some of y’all are so disrespectful. Rich is an inspiration. The man fought hard to live a life most of us will only dream of. All the things he puts his body through are done to help educate others. He does it to keep people from harming themselves.

    Zero of the people talking smack on here are doing anything to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make the kind of life he has.

  18. Hes mental and lives reckless, recreational drugs don’t mix with steroids if thats the case, he knows this, he did this to himself so don’t feel any remorse for him. Thought it would never happen to him. Ego driven with a false image to uphold that only further encourages excessive steroid use. He needs to come back down to Earth with the rest of us.

  19. Everyone has demons and they can destroy, they are almost impossible to beat. To say he can die or deserves to it is just RECKLESS .
    Chances are half the haters are up to something themselves.
    Hope he recovers fast..

  20. I love how people act like steroids is some miracle shot the dude is prescribed mad shit and admits to taking everything he still puts in mad work and he’s a beast seem like an awesome guy get well soon brother

  21. Damn y’all are rude as fuck. I hope ppl don’t say the same shit to you when your fighting for your life. Who cares if he uses steriods,he’s always been open about it. Hope u get better rich!

  22. Dave Palumbo on rx muscle already explained he fell and hit his head at his house. Stop with the bullshit rumors. What’s done is done. Let’s get back to some random dank internet memes.

  23. He’s the only one who’s honest about what he uses and he’s also the only one who tells kids and everyone not to bother wasting their lives bodybuilding and using a ton of gear. He’s more honest and real than anyone. One day people will understand that it doesn’t matter how much gear you take, how hard you train and how good you eat, at the end of the day 99% of how you look at an elite level status is genetics.