Update: Rich Piana’s Girlfriend Gives An Update On Instagram

A new update on Rich Piana.

Many people have been wondering on the condition of Rich Piana and so far we’ve only received statements from his friends, family, and representatives. Chanel Renee Jansen, Rich Piana’s girlfriend, has given an update on the internet star’s health as well as an inspiring and heartfelt visual.

The world wide outpouring to send Rich voicemails and messages to have played or read to him is overwhelming!? We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support during this time. To those who have been so respectful and come to his defense when others have been disgusting excuses for human beings -THANK YOU! The only update I’m permitted to give at this time is that he is alive, he is ok, and the excellent medical professionals here as well as myself and his close loved ones are doing all we can to get him back to a full recovery. Please continue to remain patient and respectful. This is a very stressful time for Rich and everyone around him so please understand if we’re quiet it’s with good reason. #myoneandonly #richpiana #loveofmylife #whateverittakes #love #strength #prayersforpiana #positive #5percenters #respect #loyalty #positivevibes #positivevibesonly @1dayumay

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    • I pray for you everyday Rich, especially when I train , you taught me everything , the 5 percent way! Your my Hero! Your friend Tim Seely!

  1. I hope s pray for him anyone who wishes bad things for this man are monster just evil if it was your family no matter the cause of what happened you wouldn’t want people saying the shit people are saying An there’s no real evidence of most of the shit being said it’s just people wanting to make a buck An get people to like there pages . I think slot of rich he honest about every thing a true stand up guy who will never be made quite. He’s a role motor so I wish the best for an like I said all you negative sucking leeches you guy need some help

  2. Praying for You Rich, your motivation has really helped us all and the humor is also appreciated by both you and Chanel, good things have a way of happening

  3. El amor ante todo por su compañero de vida! Fuerza fierrero hacedor de buena vibra y emociones al publico y hacia mi gracias dios te ayude a mejorarte y el amor y respeto que al menos unos cuantos y yo te tenemos fuerza rico carajo!!!!!!

  4. WHO cares if he took shit, Cutler and the whole Olympia does, If you watch football ,baseball, basketball, these athletes take shit, give rich respect and hope for a good out come.. To waste your time bad rapping him is morbid, just look in the mirror before you criticize people who can’t defend them self.

  5. The haters will forget (and go fuck yourselves hard). Those who love him will remember. Rich’s mark on history will remain positive. He is legend. Get well soon.

  6. Hopes and prayes for Rich, the most honest and knowlegable bodybuilder ,thats willing to share his expertise with the community. Very rare one of a kind, I’ve learned a lot from him.

  7. This is to who is on here talking shit,go fuck yourselfs you guys are cowards and piece of shit this man has loved ones on here reading your shit.
    Stay the fuck off here with your negative shit we don’t want to hear you shit

  8. I don’t wish anything bad for the man. But anyone who is blasphemous as him and laughs about it doesn’t deserve any prayers and is on his own. God doesn’t have time for non Christians who laughs at him and has all these kids following him saying good F morning Gdamnit. And all these dumbass kids doing it.

  9. Generation Iron all the low lives with the negative comments should be blocked!!!! Do you stand behind bodybuilders that actually keep your business going or those losers????

  10. Be Strong and Strive for 100%! Your the Best Rich! I hope you make a Speedy Full- Recovery and Continue to be the Awesome Person that you are! You are Number 1!

  11. 2 scoops? 4 scoops?? *Diing diiing* *diing diing* TARTRATE! Get MY shit. PEEENUT BUDDUURRRRR! ORLAANNDOOO! GOOOOD fkeen MOOORNEEEN! It doesn’t even count…It….doesn’t even count! China…oh…oh…china. Add the water first! In the garbage! You know…don’t even talk to me right now….seriously! I’m here to train!

  12. Get well rich..u have been truthful and inspiring and hopefully ull get well again and give the world some lessons about hope and faith

  13. Everyone that’s joking and making comments on steroids and the bodybuilding life style go fuck yourself. If people want to do this lifestyle then let them. We all have goals in life and nobody can argue that he’s swol as fuck and he doesn’t just take them and sit on the couch he puts tons of work in. And yea he has had a bad rep before but saying “that’s what he gets for juicing” that’s fucked.

    • Brandon White I’m sure your a joke and a wanna be bodybuilder if you look up to a steroid freak drug addicted bodybuilder. People respect because I help others and not try to mislead them and lead them in the direction and position Rich The Bitch Piana is in now. Ask him to train you for free or for a free picture of his fake face, body and evil brain and see if you still like him. Following Piana is just like following the devil you fool.

      Big Rob



  15. Hey big guy, I’ve known you 15 years, never known you to quit anything, don’t give up, you have enlighten my life to alot of things, we need you around. Come back to us, we need you.

  16. Nearly two weeks in a coma is obviously not good. Even if he was to awaken if you can call it that he would be nothing more than a vegetable. He’s likely close to brain dead with machines keeping him alive. Eventually, his family will have to make the painful decision to let him go.

  17. Get well soon Rich Piana! Fuck the haters! They just wish they had half the muscle you have! Roids or not, you still have to put in the work! Heres hoping you’re crushing the iron sooner than later!

  18. Not a big posting person but I do wish him and his family the best. I do not know if he will see this but if he does I would just like to say thank u 4 it all, great advise, vids, all of it. Just needed to wish u and all your people my best

  19. Sure hope he finds the Lord. Everyone deserves a chance to turn there life around. Rich seems like a good guy….. God help him through this an have him come back a changed man. On fire fir the Lord.

  20. I hate to see this I didn’t believe in everything he did but he was entertaining and kept me motivated in the gym if he passes it’s going to be a sad day for bodybuilders and gym rats everywhere and if he lives maybe he can tone it back a little bit so he can live a little longer because he is still one cool ? cat get well bro

  21. Rich Piana is sick, i’m sure it’s a great guy and i wish is gonna be fine and change his lifestyle. Good recovering and for all people who like to insult this guy, FUCK YOU

  22. Ok I’m gonna say this, and it might offend, it might not? Im not to offend, but speak the truth! First off I hope he gets better and tells us all the reason this happened! That way others can learn like with all his other videos! And number two, if it is a overdose of barbiturates like the rumors say……..bad boy, but no one deserves to die from it! And for all those that say “good for him” think of this! How many juicers out there hadn’t a clue, and died/had medical problems because of crappy juice! He changed the game by saying “this is how it’s done, this is the stuff that’s wrong!” How many have courage to publicly say that for others to learn? None! So get better rich piana, and I hope we learn from this as well

  23. People always talk shit about someone they dont even know. I would like to meet rich piana, shack his hand. We all do things that other will not like, so if u going to judge the man. U should at least know the man, if u dont. Go fuck off.

  24. Thank you Chanel for the update. I for one am hopeful that Rich will come back to us with quite a story to tell. This is just a challenge that will come with reward when Rich is recovered. As for everyone else, the joking is good and all, but this is not the time. Save it. Peace out!

  25. This is not about dangers of steroids.
    This is not about if you like or dislike tattoo’s.
    He loves his family.
    He helps others train and motivates.
    He knows the dangers of what he may or may not do in life.
    Haters will always have comment.Why? Due to many short comings in there own lives or a feeling of I know more then any one else.
    AS my mom once said if you dont have anything good to say keep your mouth shut.A simple statement that means alot.
    Rich -dude i saw you on you tube a month ago- you have reinspired me to work out again.Even though I lost my business and my family . Your video made this 57 yr old remember what lifes about again.
    When i was down you lifted a unknown up and inspired.
    So this unknown simply sez to all of your family -God Bless and get well soon…
    John R…

  26. I honestly think Rich Piana is a true piece of shit. He is the most fake selfish person I have ever seen. He is not a honest person, I caught him in so many of his selfish lies. All he cares about is hisself. Rich hit, slapped and embraced a mentally ill young man. What does his family think and why are they hiding that he OD on some white powdered and he has addusing and tell kids and views how to use these dangerous drugs. He has admitted to using steroids, hgh and other dangerous drugs more then 25 years. I’m supervised that his body took all this punishment and he has lived past 40 years old. He is a liar, he is bad personal, all about hisself and money. I speaking the truth and my option weather he’s in good or bad health. He has no respect and sounds foolish when he say God Damit, what a jerk. I hope you get better soon and this is a wake up call to change the rotten person you have been all his life. Guys and girls what how he looks when he is forced now to stop all those dangerous drugs. Please please please do not listen or think for one minute that Rich Piana cares about his fans and viewers.

    Big Rob

  27. Preying for you iron brother. I’m from Cheshire England. I’ve read some of these cruel inhuman comments and am disgusted. 3 years ago now at the age of 49, I got pneumonia then contracted sepsis whilst in hospital. I was in a coma for 3 months, during which time my family was called to say goodbye to me 3 times.i spent my 50th birthday in a coma. When I awoke I had gone from 17 stone to 9 stone, the sepsis had rotted away the ends of some of my toes. My right lung was in such bad shape the had to open me up through my back to get rid of the puss. My heart was crushed and I had complete organ failure and was put on dialas.when I awoke I had lost everything my mind now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. I had to learn to walk again. I pissed blood coughed up huge pieces of lumpy flesh pieces and blood. I had had 3 ulcer bleeds from being fed through a tube for so long. Brother I forgot it ! I couldn’t even push the peddles around on the exercise bike with zero resistance. I fell over in the gym I cried many times, couldent even hang a small bar on the push down machine. I now still train 3 day’s per week and love you man. To anyone who reads this story, who has posted hateful comments to Rich, in these terrible times, you discust me. What sort of a human being can knock a man when he’s down. You are cowards. To Rich I send my preys I know you will be OK and to all you nasty people, I now know there is a place we go to when we die ! I’ve been there, I also know what you are and do in life dictates where you end up in the afterlife. I am not some obsessed idiot who worships Rich. I have my own mind. We are a brotherhood of misfits who train with steel.THOSE OF YOU WHO POST HATEFUL COMMENTS SHAME ON YOU AS HUMANS. To Rich I hope you have a speedy recovery you are in my preys to the spirit’s I’m not religious but I believe now.what I sore. You will now know.bro sadly who your real true friends are as did I, you fight this my steel brother prove the haters wrong, feed of their jealous negative comments big love to you and your family.

  28. Big Rob ,you realize you made your self look like the dirt you are correct.
    Judge your own actions not others.
    If he does pass,I hope he haunts you always an all who besmirched him .
    An if he makes it ,I will surely clik the like when he whups yer lame kick them when down ass…

    • John,

      I don’t care what you say or think because you one of his foolish followers. The man is fake arrogant selfish self centered bad person and his lies will and did hurt many life’s. I will be posting videos of him lying and giving dangerous advice. Just because he’s a drug addicted and cock it does not make him a steroid Dr who gives dangerous advice. Look back a Ric’s Corner and see your hero Rich Piana his bar trying to keep the coke in his nose. I just watched one of his foolish fake videos he said he knows what he’s doing that’s why he has full head of hair(His Hair Is Implants). If he knew he was doing why did he OD.

      Big Rob

  29. Fact about Rich Piana:

    1. Drug addict
    2. Fake. Very thing about him.
    3. Beats up mentally Ill boy, is scared of that crazy coward Profit Muscle.
    4. Liar, selfish, just a dirty person.
    5. He is mean. Go back and watch his video where he will only give a homeless person to beg him.

    Plan and simple he’s the devil.

  30. Rich Pianas follower, viewer and sheep. This is Big Rob and I’m getting all kind of my viewers agree that Piana is a very low class person in every way. I will be more then happy to tell Rich what I think of him in his face if he’s every able to stand and understand what I’m saying because mostly Likley I was told he has brain damage. I don’t fear any man because I’m a true believer of God and helping others not putting them in a bad position to end up like him at 45 years old. I’m much stronger, smarter, faster then him, just ask boxing former world champion James(Lights Out)Tony. I hope to God(Inshallah)he will get out of a coma and changes his evil way. Like Rich say he uses his brain, wow he is smart, look where his half ass brain got him. He beat up a mentally Ill kid name Jason, he miss treated his exwife and may up Lies about the poor girl, he is a racist, drug adduced loser and you followers, viewer and sheep should feel guilty because you helped support his addiction to STEROIDS, HGH and white powder habit which I would think is was cocain. Soon I will allow you guys to get to know me and follow my honest lead to help others not just for money because we are all human, except Piana he thinks he’s super human.

  31. Stop being foolish and writing how motivating Rich Piana was. He’s the most selfish fake person who is a self centered money Hungary arrogant person. Everything about the jerk is fake. His body is fake, his hair is implants, fake blue contacts, fake tan, fake muscles, uses fake weights, gives his follower fake information and is a all around fake person. What person in there right mind would live the way he did and give all types of viewers false information. He fooled his fans into thinking he was going to do a low dose of testosterone, Deca and IFG-1 for his health at a hormone replacement therapy clinic. There’s no way that’s true because no Dr. would give you 20 bottles of testosterone to take home, shit that most likely is a 1 week supply of testosterone for him. He’s nuts, hope you get better Rich so you can keep fooling your viewers, followers and sheep.

  32. For one thing you shouldn’t look up to anyone but your parents and people who live a good life and try and help other people rich is no angel just trying to be honest with people Good the Bad and the Ugly things about weight lifting I can see where he tries to be honest with people about the drugs in bodybuilding and what the effects are it’s really up to you what you choose to do with your life weather you like what he says or don’t he is still human being I personally like rich I don’t live on every word he says I just think he’s or anyone else I hope he gets better soon and pulls through okay

  33. Wow, It’s amazing in a sense, to see just how ignorant, and flat out- fucken hateful some people can be!!?? We’ve all made mistakes in our lives! What gives anyone the right to judge another??? I’d say, “Take a damn good look in the mirror!?” Clearly, anyone that has something bad to say, well your the one with the problem! I pray that none of you ever have to watch as someone that you care about, go through anything remotely close to something like this.
    To both Rich, and family.. Your in my prayers. Positive vibes and lots of love !! Get better quickly Iron Brotha!!

  34. Rich Piana is a dirty cheap old sports car on the outside with old broken engine on the inside. An empty shell. There is nothing motivating about a selfish arrogant money Hungary jerk. Also please don’t forget he abuses any Hormore or street drugs that caused him to OD. Soon I will post my videos so you guys have a good caring person to learn from and get real motivation from. So please followers of Rich Piana if you want to make some serious gains just watch me videos to learn the right way to train, eat and most of all to be a good person like Big Rob. I have feed and helped over 500 plus homeless people and I hope you will learn to do the same unlike Piana who said in his video that if a homeless person asks him for help you won’t do it and I will share that video of jack ass Piana. Get well soon Rich so you can change and tell the people the truth about your lies, drug habits and don’t respect or care about your followers.

  35. Rich put himself in this position he’s in now. He has abused steroids, hgh and street drugs for over 25 years and you followers helped him get to where he’s a today by worshipping this evil person. GN.

  36. My boyfriend knows you and loves you…I’m praying for you big guy and for your oved ones. Get better soon! Haters stop hating…this guy needs your prayers.

  37. Hey rich, i am from kailua,oahu. I sincerely hope you do recover and knowing how strong you are. That you will bounce back even stronger.Take friend.

  38. Conni,

    Thank you for the kind words you said about me. Where does your boyfriend know me from.

    I will be posting a video soon so all you foolish Rich Piana followers could get to know me and learn from me how to train and follow a proper nutrition plan. I’m the best there is. Love you guys!

  39. Boston Loyd you look like shit and you don’t know what the hell your doing because you sound and look foolish. What makes you a expert or gives you the right to give medical advice and advice how to buy and ship illegal steroids and drugs. I hope you get raided and spend time in jail to learn to keep your mouth shut. Get a real job and stop trying to be the next Rich Piana, you can afford to do what Piana does. You and Rich Piana are evil stupid people.

  40. Boston Loyd you look like shit and you don’t know what the hell your doing because you sound and look foolish. What makes you a expert or gives you the right to give medical advice and advice how to buy and ship illegal steroids and drugs. I hope you get raided and spend time in jail to learn to keep your mouth shut. Get a real job and stop trying to be the next Rich Piana, you can afford to do what Piana does. You and Rich Piana are evil stupid people.

  41. Boston Loyd you are a bigger joke then your hero Rich Piana. Stop giving illegal medical advice before you put yourself in jail.

  42. Rich The Bitch Piana. Get better so you change your evil ways before you meet God. Good luck brother Rich get better you steroid junkie drug addict. Let’s not forget how 315 pound Rich beat up a mental Ill young man, how abbusive he was to his Ex Wife Sara, also lets not forget he’s a racist and accused Sara of letting a black man kisser, he must have said the N work a thousand times of that video. All Pianas follower, viewers and sheep, stop being fooled.

    Big Rob

  43. Hope for rich to recover and stays strong. I follow him from time to time videos and his websites and he seem to be a awesome guy good heart and a true lifter to the core. It sad what happento him prayers goes out to him and his friends and family. Stay strong feed him positive recovery and i am aure he will pull thru

  44. I also wish Piana to recover and be a honest sincere person. I get bother when people aren’t honest, caring and will help others and expect nothing in return. People follow him and all he cares about is making money and he wants people to worship him, people should only worship God. Watch his video recent one and older ones and you will see he lies, he’s fake and he talks to his viewers like there stupid. His recent video he said he knows what he’s doing, he was doing cocain and abusing steroids, hormones, snythal and other dangerous drugs, please learn from his mistake so you don’t end up dead like him at 45 years old, he’s most likely brain dead on life support. If he comes out of coma he will be a vegetable. I do not wish bad for anyone, I’m a kid hearted person and bodybuilder that train several people for free, mentally ill young man I enjoy training because he motivates me and has better form and heart then anyone at my gym lifetime Fitness. It broke my heart to see Piana slap and hit Jason who Rich clearing knew this kids was mentally Ill and looked up to him, how could anyone respect Rich for that. He’s also a racist and acts like this black bodybuilders that he trains, I’m sorry Rich has a lot of bad in his heart.

    Big Rob

  45. Jim P,

    Trust me brother I’m no big slob. Would you like to see me doing flat bench and incline smith machine 425 pounds with no spot for reps. I am the strongest natural weight lifter in the world. Do you know me Jim? 6 feet 245 pounds. I have trained, managed and mentored several professional athletes. I trained with world champion bower James Lights out Tony at Galaxy Gym, Jackie Kellen owned the gym and managed several boxers. I got invited to train the WCW power plant in 1999 before WWE bought them. At 19 years old I competed in the Great Lakes Natural show and I’m the real deal, Big Rob.

    Now tell me about yourself, you Piana follower and sheep. What are you, who are you Jim P.

  46. Jason Genova, I’m Big Rob the strongest natural weight lifter in the world. I have a lot of respect for you and stay positive, keep training and don’t take it personal that Piana who is a coward hit you, he looked high on the video and hard a steroid rage that day. It’s people like you Jason that should motivate people and have follower because you are a sincere hard working natural bodybuilder, look where bully Rich Piana is at now. Do me a favor post that video to show the real animal Rich The Bitch Piana is. God Bless every good honest person.

  47. Roma,

    I thank you for your kind words and support. I love helping other and being direct and honest. I will be posting several videos and you will see the caring Person I am.

    Big Rob

  48. Video-The Trust About Rich Piana-Big Rob.

    It’s sad when any human passes away but what do you expect from a man who’s been abusing street drugs, steroids, HGH, Insulin, Hormones, Synthal and what ever else.

    Please, please do not listen or follow anything Boston Loyd does or tells you to do. He doesn’t not know what he’s doing and has no right to give this crazy medical advice. If things good right he will be in jail soon where he can’t hurt anyone and give all this dangerous medical advice. He has no education in the medical field to be give advice and supplying his clients that he trains. In one of his foolish videos he admitted to have all his clients on these dangerous hormones except one. If I had to guess he is supply his clients with these dangerous drugs.

    Please learn from Rich Piana and Boston Loyds mistakes before its to late.

    Big Rob

  49. I don’t agree with the person you where and your actions, I wouldn’t wish death on anyone but I truly feel he did a lot damage to his followers. God Rest Your Soul Rich Piana

    Video before Dieing: The Truth About Rich Piana by Big Rob

    Video after he died: The Life And Death of Rich Piana by Big Rob

  50. Mike O’Hearn in respect you for not admitting to taking Steroids, HGH and what ever else your using to build your awesome powerful physic, if your truly natural and want your viewers and followers to think the right and healthy way to build powerful muscles why are you being fake and making these videos talking about how great Rich Piana was. If you want help people in the fitness world to stay natural, which you are not and I know for a fact then you should help by telling them the truth about Piana, we don’t want anyone to do or live the short life that Rich Piana did. He was a money Hungary, self center, coward who beat up a mentally Ill young man named Jason Gavin. He has done a lot of harm to people in the 45 years he spent on earth. God Rest His Soul

  51. Roma thank you the support. You will see how many people I will help and expect nothing in return. I have feed over 1 thousand homeless people for the past 25 years. I will continue to motivate and help others. My next video it’s truly inspiring and amazing. It’s a must see video with my true friend and training partner Robby who has down syndrome who has more heart and strongest person pound for pound. I live life to help and motivate other.

    Video: A True King By Big Rob.

  52. Video: A True King By Big Rob Rich Piana.

    Video: The Truth About Rich Piana Big Rob

    Video: Life and Death Of Rich Piana Big Rob

    I’m training and helping motivate everyone so watch this video of my friend I’m training for special Olympics called: A True King Big Rob.

    Good Rest Rich Pianas Soul:

    A True King By Big Rob

  53. Channel please don’t lie and say Rich Piana was putting pre-work up his nose. Do Rich a favor and tell the truth so his and your followers don’t start sonority pre-work. I’m no fool like the rest of the flowers, viewers and sheep that made Rich lots of money to support his steroid and drug adduse. God Rest Rich Pianas Soul.



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