Victor Martinez: “Anybody Can Do Physique…Bodybuilding is Too Hard”

Victor Martinez think Open Bodybuilding will always remain superior to other classes.

The debate continues to rage on between Open Bodybuilding and the Physique classes. While certain members of the Men’s Physique community have voiced their opinions on not being respected by Open Weight Bodybuilders, it appears that a new interview featuring Victor Martinez backs up that claim emphatically.

In a recent interview, Victor Martinez went on record to make claims about Men’s Physique.

“The Open class is not going anywhere. It died down a bit because it went down to certain easier classes. Anybody can do Physique,” Martinez said. “My brother who did 13 years in jail came out, he looks good enough to do Physique.

“It just makes it realistic for a lot of people that can’t, and will never ever be able to do bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is too hard.”

These kind of comments firmly support the idea that certain members of the Open Bodybuilding class look down on Men’s Physique. Victor Martinez went on to praise Classic Physique.

“I love Classic Physique,” said Martinez. “I was Classic Physique my entire life until I moved up in class and became an Open Class Bodybuilder. But all bodybuilders start as Classic Physique.

“Now, when you go to (Men’s) Physique, it’s a little bit more pageantry…They strut differently, they act differently, and it makes it open for anyone to do it.

“Not to disrespect them, but it’s Planet Fitness of the gym industry,” Martinez continued. “Anybody can come and at the end of the day have a pizza and still be able to compete.”

It’s clear that Victor Martinez finds Open Bodybuilding to be more difficult to compete in than other categories.

“At the end of the day, bodybuilding is still the freak show, that’s still going to be the biggest money maker and that’s what ultimately very few can get to.”

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