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Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Legend.

There’s no doubting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest legends in bodybuilding history. Surely, you can make the case for other massive bodybuilding stars such as Ronnie Coleman or Lee Haney – two competitors who have more Mr. Olympia wins that Schwarzenegger. But in terms of cultural impact in and outside of the bodybuilding world – Schwarzenegger was a force of nature unrivaled by anyone else in the sport.

That’s why Raiden Motivation has decided to put together this bodybuilding motivation video tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only will this get you pumped up for a killer training session in the gym – but it will also remind you that there just might not ever be another bodybuilder like Schwarzenegger again. That’s how unique and legendary he is. He’s one of a kind. And he’ll be forever remembered in the halls of bodybuilding history.

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