WATCH: At 41 Years Old, John Cena Is Still Lifting Like A Beast

John Cena is still going strong.

John Cena may be getting up there in age, but that by no means suggests that he’s falling off. The WWE superstar is still training as hard as ever despite turning 41 years old. While some individuals would think training hard after 40 is a recipe for disaster, John Cena is encouraging others to push past their perceived limits and always look to challenge themselves no matter how old they are.

An avid weightlifter and competitor, John Cena has been training most of life always remaining jacked, shredded and powerful along the way. Still going strong in his WWE career, the former pro wrestling champion is looking to stay in impeccable condition as he gets older.

His recent videos on his Twitter page show the 41 year old WWE star pushing his limits in the gym and proving he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Are you impressed by John Cena and his crazy lifts?

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