A motivational tribute to the life lived of Rich Piana.

It’s hard to believe that we are well over a year since the passing or Rich Piana – a controversial figure to be sure but also a man who lived his life to the fullest. He understood in life that leaving a legacy behind is about making memorable moments and touching other people’s lives. His YouTube channel, his business, his public persona were all in service of that. While not all people agreed with what he said – the one underlying message of his career was to make an impact on the world. Be remembered.

That message is the number one thing that rings loud and clear in 2019 and will echo throughout the many years past his death. Our content partner Raiden Motivation, has put together this motivational bodybuilding tribute to Rich Piana – focusing on his larger than life personality and the permanent message he left for the world. Check it out above!

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