Real bodybuilders can spot synthol users beyond the freaks.

The unfortunate side of the digital age of social media and personal online profiles is the celebritizing people who do stupid things at an alarming pace. This isn’t anything new (remember MTV’s Jackass?), but is happening much more often because of the exposure the internet provides across the world. One such version of this are the synthol freaks. Men and women who inject themselves with so much oil that they look like ballooned cartoon characters. They are so shocking that they rake up millions of views, likes, clicks, and get talked about on news channels and networks. But synthol use goes beyond just the freaks – perhaps even more than you could possibly imagine.

In this preview clip of our upcoming episode of The Breakdown, Shawn Ray, Tifanny Urrea, and Mac Trucc discuss the shocking videos and pictures of “popular” synthol freaks… but also discuss how a real bodybuilder who has trained for decades can spot people who secretly use oil to tidy up some lacking areas. Check it all out in these clip above and make sure to catch the full episode tomorrow February 7th!



  1. It is “finishing touch” oil for competing bb’ers. Should have never been used for anything but that. A tiny bit of peak on a genetically imperfect bicep or maybe lower calf area. As we’ve seen with Bostin, you can pump that garbage in your upper-inner chest all you want, and it won’t make you a successful bodybuilder if your genetics won’t allow it.

    Giving this disgusting crap even more exposure is only going to broaden its use, misuse, and even worse, promote its distribution through shady fly-by-night research chemical companies.


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