Bodybuilding Motivation: Don’t be a follower, be a trailblazer.

What separates a legendary bodybuilder from a talented bodybuilder? Is it possible to be a reigning Mr. Olympia champion but not be a legend? Ultimately, the quality needed to be remembered throughout history comes down to something more than a fantastic physique or a championship title. It requires someone who is willing to forge a new path towards an unseen future.

Many fans and aspiring bodybuilders flock to try and replicate the workouts, training routines, and lifestyles of legendary bodybuilders. But this doesn’t work. Not really. Because in order to be a legend you need to make a NEW path. Following a formula that worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t make you Arnold Schwarzenegger. In order to be the next Arnold you need to revolutionize what a physique should look like, what a champion should look like, what is possible in the world of bodybuilding.

This bodybuilding motivation video, created by Makaveli Motivation, is an epic speech combined with powerful footage custom made to inspire you to think differently. It’s built to break you out from being a sheep and to transform you into a lion. Check it out above.

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