Bodybuilding Motivation: “The rest aren’t where they want to be… but they still want you down there with them.”

Failure is inevitable. But here’s the thing about failure. It’s not the end. It’s a lesson that will help you stand back up and jump back into the challenge knowing what NOT to do next time. Sadly, for many failure is the end and an excuse to stop. It’s a sign to them that this isn’t what should be done.

In bodybuilding, failure will happen often. But you must make it a lesson. You must use it as fuel to continue to think different and continue to push harder and stand up above the rest. In order to transform your life and find greatness – you must be better than the rest, not the same.

Alex Kalts Motivation has put together yet another epic bodybuilding motivation video mixed in with a speech that will get you so fired up that you will push harder than ever before. And hopefully it will make you think higher than ever before. Higher than the rest to become a true champion. Check it out above!

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