Bodybuilding Motivation: If you don’t have big enough goals you’ll never truly transform your physique and life.

It’s a statement that is frustrating to hear but incredibly true – many sports, including bodybuilding, is majority won in the mind. The only thing really limiting you from progress are your own perceived limitations. It stands to be a fact then, that if you do not believe you will become the best, you never can truly become the best. Great athletes need to have a bit of ignorance, a bit of ego, in order to truly let go of limits and succeed. If Phil Heath wasn’t the cocky athlete we’ve known for the past seven years of his Sandow victories… well, maybe he wouldn’t have won any of them.

That’s why Raiden Motivation has put together an epic speech cut to bodybuilding footage that’s main goal is to motivate you to dream big. If you are not dreaming of a true and total transformation – how can you ever expect to succeed?

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