Strength Wars Movie

You cannot be afraid of pain if you want to become a champion.

Becoming a champion means leaving humanity behind. It requires a special something that most people do not tap into – and part of that “special something” is being able to accept massive sacrifice for the end goal. Often times this sacrifice requires pain – especially in bodybuilding. Both physical pain and mental pain.

In this bodybuilding motivation video put together by Makaveli Motivation – you can see the kind of pain real bodybuilding champions put themselves through. Training hard enough to transform your body into a near-perfect superhuman mass of muscle requires pushing your body past limits and pain comes with that struggle. If you can’t block it out, if you let it break you down or slow you down – then you will ultimately fail to become the best of the best.

Then there’s the mental pain – the struggle of doing the grind day in and day out. The struggle of eating the strict diet required to maintain the hulking and shredded mass that makes an impressive bodybuilder. This kind of pain can be the most detrimental towards success – it can be the ultimate killer in your goals and bodybuilding lifestyle. Don’t fall to it’s power.

With the weekend coming upon us, we thought it would be the perfect time to post this epic and powerful bodybuilding motivation video to help you push through the pain and fight excuses that might come up during a time when the rest of the world is resting over the weekend. Watch it, bookmark it, watch it again. Use it to push yourself past the pain and into success.

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