Bodybuilding motivation: No days off! No more excuses!

Commitment is a simple word most people know – but the meaning behind it is far more powerful than most people give it credit for. Commitment, true commitment, is something that very few people can pull off. That’s what makes pro bodybuilders so impressive – because their commitment to not only the training, but the lifestyle, is where the true challenge lies.

That’s why Makaveli Motivation has put together this bodybuilding motivation video starring the very intense NDO Champ to get you motivated. This one is all focused on commitment. There is no good excuse to stop your journey to success – and this video will hopefully inspire you to rid your brain of all negative thoughts and excuses. Give it a watch or a listen before you hit the gym not only today – but every single day – and you’ll realize that any excuse you come up with is just a weak thought. No days off. No more excuses!

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