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Bodybuilding Motivation: The only true failure is accepting defeat.

Bodybuilding is a nonstop dedication towards hard work and strict nutrition. It’s a lifestyle choice that doesn’t just happen during a “season” but every single day. This of course is hard to accomplish. We are not machines that can easily do the same thing and put in the same hard work every single day without feeling burnt out or wanting to take a break. But that’s what separates a champion from a regular person. They fight through the pain despite being human and find a way to maintain the bodybuilder lifestyle daily.

At the end of the day, the training and the diet are hard – but the mindset is the hardest thing to maintain. Once you accept defeat as an option you’ve already lost. So you must train yourself to believe that you will only succeed. That makes the weightlifting easier. That makes the strict diet more palatable.

Varyjer Motivation has put together an epic nonstop bodybuilding motivation video that is design to maintain that mindset. It’s built to keep you powered up and to rewire your brain so that you only accept success in your endeavors. Watch it now. Watch it before you workout. Watch it every single day in order to train your mind to allow you to become a champion. Check it out above to get your start.

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