Fear is the greatest enemy of all.

There are a great many challenges in becoming a competitive bodybuilder. The diet can be hard, the training can become painful, and the frustration with not seeing the exact changes you are seeking is an awful feeling. But one of the greatest enemies of bodybuilding is actually mental – it’s fear. Fear is what holds you back. It’s what prevents you from going all in and becoming the best version of yourself. Fear freezes you and fills you with regret of paths not taken. This goes beyond bodybuilding and into all life choices. Are you going to let fear control you? Send you down a path you regret?

Alex Kalts Motivation has put together this bodybuilding motivation video that contains a powerful speech that just might shake you out of the fear that grips you. We only have a limited amount of time on this earth – so don’t hold back. Watch this video. Get inspired. Break free from fear and become your best self. Check out the video above!

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