Bodybuilding Motivation: Never back down.

In bodybuilding there is recovery… and then there is taking a break. These are two very different things. Recovery is a necessary break so that your muscles have time to rebuild and recover stronger. It’s needed for improvement in strength and sculpting your physique.

Taking a break goes beyond recovery. It’s when you are being lazy instead of getting the job done. It’s giving into your wants rather than your needs. It’s not the kind of attitude that make champions.

But we are only human and sometimes we don’t want to be the perfect machine that will one day build up to a champion physique. Sometimes we want to take a break and be lazy and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life. That’s where Raiden Motivation comes in with his new bodybuilding motivation video custom made to inspire you to avoid breaks and only focus on hard work and necessary recovery.

Be more than human. Elevate into a true champion mindset so that you can create a true champion physique. Watch the video above and erase all lazy thoughts from your mind!

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