Bodybuilding Motivation: Legends will always be remembered.

For the select few who decide to journey to greatness in bodybuilding – the sport and lifestyle is more than simply becoming healthy or transforming the human body. It’s also more than winning a competition or earning a trophy. It’s about cementing oneself as a legend. It’s about living forever – so to speak.

They say a person dies twice. Once when the physical body died and a second time when your name is spoken for the last time. True legendary bodybuilders are still spoken about to this day – and will be spoken about for decades long after their deaths.

This motivational video from Varyjer Motivation is a tribute to the journey to become a legend. An inspirational bodybuilding motivation video to each bodybuilder who is currently trying to become the next legend. The next Ronnie Coleman, the next Lee Haney, the next Phil Heath.

You can be that next legend too – and this video above just might pump you up enough to train a little hard, eat a little healthier, and give you that little bit of extra edge to one up the competition.

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