Bodybuilding Motivation: Become one with sacrifice to achieve greatness.

How much are you willing to sacrifice? This is often a question that must be answered by any athlete looking to become a champion. Sacrifice is necessary in order to stand tall among the rest. And that sacrifice can take many forms.

But don’t think that to become great one simply must make one or two sacrifices along the way, be done with it, and now you’re riding the wave to excellence. Far from it. In order to become a legend, you must make sacrifice a part of your life. Unfortunately, there are just too many things out there in the world and not enough time to accomplish them. Every time you step into the gym you make a choice – a choice to not be with family, or with friends, or with a girlfriend. Perhaps your not going to that party that seems like a lot of fun.

And in the bigger picture each of those choices might lead to bigger sacrifices. Maybe there’s no time to have kids and start a family, maybe you never met “the one” because your number one goal was becoming an Olympia champion.

We’re not saying any one of these things we listed off have to be sacrificed. Each person makes their own personal sacrifices. What we’re saying is – sacrifice is unavoidable in bodybuilding if you want to become the best. Whatever form that takes for each individual will vary – but one thing is absolute fact: sacrifice is unavoidable.

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