Believe in the struggle to become great.

Bodybuilding is all about the struggle. The struggle to lift more weight. The struggle to eat perfect. The struggle to keep your mind motivated to push yourself day in and day out until your body looks like comic book superhero that many would believe is impossible.

But the struggle is just that – a struggle. And it can be hard to overcome each and every hurdle that comes your way. That’s why a truly great bodybuilder needs to believe in the struggle. They need to embrace it. Become one with it. This is how a bodybuilder truly blasts through plateaus and becomes a champion.

Varyjer Motivation has put together a bodybuilding motivation video that asks you to embrace the struggle – and it shows most importantly that you are not alone. All bodybuilders go through this struggle. Stronger together in the struggle all bodybuilders can showcase the potential of the human physique. Check the video out above and get motivated.

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