Bodybuilding Motivation: Dexter Jackson is proof that age is just a number.

Some people believe that bodybuilding is a sort of “fountain of youth” if done right. Well, Dexter Jackson just might be the proof of that concept. At 49 years old, he still has an incredible physique that holds up with the top 5 at Olympia nearly every year. His secret? Not lifting heavy and focusing on hard work with lighter weight. It may not make him a mass monster shocker like Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman – but it allows him to stay in the game longer than any other pro and hold the most amount of wins in pro bodybuilding history.

Varyjer Motivation has put together an epic bodybuilding motivation tribute video showcasing the best of Dexter Jackson. A well deserved shout out to one of the greatest bodybuilders to ever hit the stage – and if the past few years are any indication, we may be see him on stage for quite some time to come. Check it out above!

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