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Bodybuilding Motivation: A legendary bodybuilder with 3D muscle.

Flex Wheeler might not be on the list of Mr. Olympia champions but that doesn’t stop him from being considered a true bodybuilding legend. Known for his incredible physique and aesthetics, Flex Wheeler is considered one of the top bodybuilders that fans believe deserved the title of Mr. Olympia… and perhaps if his timing were different he would have been.

Flex Wheeler had the luck of the draw to compete during a time against the unstoppable Ronnie Coleman, who held onto the Olympia crown for eight years preventing many incredibly talented competitors from grabbing onto the Sandow trophy.

But it’s important to remember that beyond trophies and stats – real fans of the sport know that Flex Wheeler is a legend in his own right. Remembered for the nature of his physique above all else. That’s why Raiden Motivation has put together this bodybuilding motivation reminder for all the young fans out there who didn’t get to see Wheeler during his prime. Check it out above!

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