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Bodybuilding Motivation: A look into the true beast that is Roelly Winklaar.

Roelly Winklaar is the bodybuilder who just keeps getting bigger and bigger to the point where he’s turned into a real world superhero. This has led to both good and bad results throughout the years. Sometimes his size throws off his conditioning – other times he comes in more on point. Last year was Roelly’s best placing at the Mr. Olympia of his entire career – and from the looks of it, this year he will be even bigger… but will he be better?

Raiden Motivation has put together a tribute bodybuilding motivation video showcasing the physique and training of a bodybuilder who has become a huge fan favorite over the years. No matter where he places at this year’s Olympia, you can be sure when he first steps onto the stage it will be to massive applause and many jaws dropped. He is a beast through and through – and this motivational video just might help inspire you to tap into his beast magic next time you hit the gym. Check it out above!

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