Bodybuilding Motivation: An epic hype video tribute to Brandon Curry.

With the Olympia 2019 only being two weeks away, everyone is hyped for the biggest night in bodybuilding. Even more so, people are excited to see who will be the new Olympia champion – as the current champion, Shawn Rhoden, is unable to compete due to his current legal troubles. The door is wide open for the first time in years for many potential and hungry bodybuilders looking to be crowned Mr. Olympia.

One of the main frontrunners is Brandon Curry – a bodybuilder whose transformation over the past few years has been incredible to behold and now positions him in the perfect place to become Mr. Olympia 2019. That’s why Raiden Motivation has put together this bodybuilding motivational video that is tailor made to hype you up for Brandon Curry. Showcasing his most intense physique yet and his best lifts of his career – this video will make a believer out of you that he is destined to become the Mr. Olympia champion. Whether or not that will happen will be discovered in just a few weeks… but for now we can bask in the “what if” glory of this bodybuilding motivation video above.

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