Britney Spears shows off the amount of work in the gym needed to stay the queen of pop.

Britney Spears has had a rollercoaster of a career (to put it lightly). But more recently, Britney has been leveling out with a surprising amount of stability and success so late in her career. It’s rare that a pop star maintains such popularity after 20 years – but with a permanent residency in Vegas and a showstopper performance that only seems to be improving – Britney Spears has put the crazy years behind her.

But in order to maintain her body and energy day after day for her performances – she also needs to kick ass in the gym. Something that many people probably don’t think about. That’s why Bodybuilding Priest has put together this video showcasing the beast mode mentality of Britney as she goes through these full body workouts. Check it out above!

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