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Calum von Moger And Bradley Martyn Squash Beef… Maybe?

*After a recent apology video between Calum Von Moger and Bradley Martyn… Calum has revealed he is still not happy with Bradley in a new video. Watch it above. Full story below.

Disagreements. We all have them from time to time. In truth, if you have a striking no bond with someone disagreements are very common. It’s what makes most relationships, whether business or personal thrive. A few weeks ago we saw a disagreement go public when Calum von Moger and Bradley Martyn took to social media to trade barbs.

It seems that things can get can get taken out of context at times. There aren’t many feuds going on in bodybuilding so when Calum von Moger and Bradley Martyn got involved in their own beef it was definitely surprising to say the least. We reported before that Calum and Bradley appeared to have a falling out of sorts which meant that their partnership seemed to be in jeopardy. Origin Supplements was a brand that both fitness personalities were invested in and looking to grow. But now it appears that things have made a turn for the better where the relationship between Calum and Bradley is concerned… kind of.

The video below shows Calum von Moger and Bradley Martyn sitting down together to address the issues that have arisen. The two never wanted the disagreement to be made public but in this day and age of the internet it’s hard to keep things under wraps at times. Now it appears that both men have buried the hatchet and are intent on rebuilding their friendship as well as moving forward with the Origin Supplement brand. Yet you might be able to see that Calum appeared less than comfortable. You might think to yourself, perhaps that’s because it’s a public apology being recorded. Squashing the beef is never easy. And yet just two days later – Calum has made another video addressing the apology. It appears he was uncomfortable for very different reasons. Looks like the beef is completely over with just yet.

Check out the video above to see Calum’s most recent reveal about the RAW TRUTH behind his beef with Bradley… and how the apology many saw this weekend wasn’t the whole truth.

You can also watch the original apology video below for reference:

What are your thoughts on this developing story between Calum von Moger and Bradley Martyn?

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