Strength Wars Movie

A motivational video showcasing the heavy lifting of Dr. Dre.

When people think of Dr. Dre – the first thing that comes to mind is most likely not bodybuilding. Of course his hip hop and producing career will stand tall as his biggest accomplishment alongside his business endeavors like Beats by Dre. But many fans will noticed quite a long time ago that Dre transformed himself into quite the shredded and jacked individual. It was a transformation from a long while back – but an impressive one none the less.

So to mix things up from the usual bodybuilding motivation fair – Bodybuilding Priest put together this supercut showcasing the hard training and impressive physique of Dr. Dre. Maybe it will inspire you to not only fire yourself up at the gym but also put on some perfect hip hop music to help go along with your training playlist. Check it out above!

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